Screenshots Of Upcoming OneDrive Website And New Features Revealed

OneDrive Co-owned-Folder
Microsoft last month announced the re-branding of SkyDrive service to OneDrive. The OneDrive service is yet to be launched and it will include new features when it gets announced. Today, Liveside posted few screenshots of the upcoming and its new features.

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new feature called “Co-owners” which will become a new sharing mode for files. “Co-owners” can be selected when you share a folder and create a new one, and the recipient will be able to view, add, edit, and delete files, as well as invite others to access the folder.

The “co-owners” permission also appears works a little differently from the existing permissions. Whilst “view only” and “view and edit” access is applicable to both files and folders, it appears that “co-owners” is applicable to folders only. In addition, “co-owners” cannot be granted to a folder if that folder is located inside a shared folder.

This new “co-owner” permission level, when combined with the folder mounting feature we reported earlier, means that a folder will soon be able to be owned, managed, and synced by more than one person.

OneDrive Co-owner-Folder-Create

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Liveside

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  • Martin Spierings

    So we finally will be able to download shared folders? Nice!

    • dhaOracle

      You could always download shared folder if you gave them the permission to do it.

      • RienEnVue

        as long as you’re total size doesn’t exceed the “stupid” 100MB size limit… till then… dropboxing for clients…

        • whatup12

          and also the individual file cannot be larger than 10 gb which is an issue for my yearly outlook archives and still need dropbox to sync these across computers.

          • Martin Spierings

            Why not split them up with winrar. Their old news anyway (lol)

          • whatup12

            i hear you and agree there are options like having two archives per year, etc. But that said, for now i just use dropbox…but do hope that i can ditch it all together for onedrive…

      • WixosTrix

        I believe he means within the SkyDrive folder on your PC.

  • whatup12

    seriously! i love the service, but this was a reason why we could not get away from dropbox–ie, the collaboration. for all things personal, i use skydrive and have 265 gb of space with 65 gb filled (pictures, music, etc). but for work, it has basically been dropbox.

    • ZloiYuri

      65 Gb of porn?

      • whatup12

        now, that would be a feat!!
        actually, skydrive pissed me off about 3 years ago when all of a sudden they cancelled my service saying that i had uploaded porn. It turned out the picture they were complaining about what a picture of my elbow bent intended to look like an ass sent as a joke to my little brother and automatically uploaded to skydrive. anyhoo, they restored my service but just reminds us that nothing is private there!

        • ZloiYuri

          You missed something. Skydrive team explained – they abandon porn only when you make it public. They don’t even scan private files, too much resources needed. Never permit public access and they will not scan it. The same with shared pics that sent personally. The same politics on iCloud and GDrive.

          • whatup12

            yep, you are right and learned that skydrive (back then) set pictures back up by default as public…lesson learned! the joke was that it was an elbow…

          • ZloiYuri

            Authomatic is so automated….

  • JimmyFal

    They really need to display that Word, Excel etc. at the top of the screen. I have a LOT of customers that don’t even know Office is available in the browser. You can call the customer stupid for not finding it or Microsoft stupid for not making things more discoverable. Why not make things more discoverable.

    • jrtorrents

      They do that for a reason, once too many people discover that they can get a free vision of office ( although limited) there will be even less reason to shell out money for regular Office. They want people to use it.. but not to the detriment of their cashcow, It makes bit of sense to make it “hidden”.

    • Emi the Strange

      if you use Skydrive… you will see in Create how you can make Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
      who hasnt clicked “create” if they use Skydrive? im sorry but im sure your customers dont use skydrive, simple as that. how would they know there is office webapps if you dont even care to know or use skydrive?
      because again, “create” has been there forever if they havent clicked it to at least make a folder… well, to me, it means its just not something they care about.

      • Bugbog

        Same way [American] Android users didn’t use SkyDrive for two years until Google Drive was released, then all of a sudden it became an essential app that they would ‘need’ for being able to switch to another platform (re: WP doesn’t have it?!!)

  • a7medo778

    the only thing missing from skydrive is G+ photos power features

  • NegLewis

    In 5 years people and businesses will no longer buy PC’s or Tablets… but Virtual Machines. VM with 32-64 2 GHz Cores.

    In that moment MS will be fked up…

    They need to make Office FREE for Personal Use.
    Same with Windows and WP.

    If they will not start considering the future… they will dye.
    Give Windows a fighting chance… same with office.

    Put in there besides People/Mail/Calendar/SkyDrive Tiles… Office, Word, Excel, PP… Skype, Devices… Second Screen (Azure VM)

    Make “Outlook” a Virtual Desktop… a virtual Metro Launcher.

    • Vious

      so according to you, in 5 years the PC is dead?

      • Herb_Eaversmells

        He said “they will dye” and that’s where I stopped reading, the guy is just a troll.

      • Bugbog

        I just don’t get this “free” craze going around?


        This is one of the greatest evils that Google has perpetrated on the modern digital age; giving the assumption that you can get massively full-featured, well maintained software products for free. It just isn’t possible. The cost just has to be deducted elsewhere!

        I’d rather know what products cost upfront rather than be fleeced for it (possibly unknowingly) somewhere else.

        Just my two cents.

    • NGM123

      “They will dye”…….What colour do you think?

    • Rikikrik

      Is that why Google, after offering Google Docs for free, started asking money for it’s use?? Free does not really mean free of costs. Google has to make considerable costs to make Google Docs operational. These costs are temporarily covered by other profitable activities of Google, but they cannot maintain that for long, especially if more people start using Google Docs, because it eats into their profits. The only solution is that Google Docs has to become profitable as a standalone service and not cannabalize Google’s profits. It’s the same for Microsoft. Google offered Google Docs for free to gain market share at the expense of Dropbox and Skydrive, but this backfired as it became too expensive to subsidise further.

    • Valk

      That’s EXACTLY what Larry Ellison said in 1990. And… here we are. Security revelations from Snowden actually made trusting other companies to host everything less likely IMHO.

  • Alejandro Machado R.

    Great to see the Co-owners stuff.