Screenshots Of Windows 8.1 Mail, People, & Calendar Revealed

Picturepan2 over at LiveSino has some shown off some nice screenshots of the Mail, People, and Calendar apps as they will look in the final version of Windows 8.1

Mail: In the mail app it will be easier to multi-select & triage, support for drag and drop has been added, and snap mode for attachments is now supported.  The application will now be known as the “Windows 8 client.”  There are also sweep/cleanup features similar to as well as auto-categorizing your email such as newsletters and social mail.




Calendar: What’s Next feature will show the next series of events on the calendar.


People: People app will get a significant UI makeover. Clicking on a contact’s first letter will change the look of the filter. A search box inside the updated People app and the contact page for each profile will also get a new look.



Source: Windows Newsroom via LiveSino

  • counterblow

    Ok I’m confused….so EVERYONE is getting Outlook with 8.1? I thought they said only Surface RT devices were getting Outlook.

    • Oliver

      It’s the Metro Mail app, renamed to Outlook. Windows RT devices will be getting a desktop version of Outlook 2013 I believe.

      • Harley22x


      • Rico Alexander

        It’s already there in the preview.

        • Oliver

          Only got Windows 8.1 Preview because my Surface is UK and didn’t work, but I’ll take your word for it. The Mail app needed a lot of work, and a renaming!

      • counterblow

        oh gross….I don’t want a desktop version of outlook!

        • Oliver

          People have used a desktop version of Outlook for as long as I can remember, this is just a variant that looks pretty nice as well as doing lots.

          • fachru

            Well desktop version of outlook has too much feature that mostly I’m not using it in daily life. unless if it’s in Office environment with some support from IT staff maintaining exchange server. :)

          • Oliver

            That’s like saying they should make Metro versions of Word and Excel for people who need only the most basic of features. There’s no argument against a more feature rich desktop version whatsoever!

          • counterblow

            Metro and functionality do not have to be mutually exclusive.

          • Oliver

            I agree that they don’t have to be, but at the moment they pretty much are unfortunately. If there’s a programme available on desktop and as an app, and you want functionality, you will invariably pick the desktop one. Look at Skype, Office, Dropbox etc. The big ones all do much more as programmes, undeniably.

          • counterblow

            not really, Skype does pretty much everything I can do with the thick desktop app. I don’t use Dropbox but I use Skydrive and it does everything the web app does.

          • Oliver

            You’re comparing it to the web app? Compare it to the programme, which bakes itself into File Explorer and is therefore much much more functional. As much as I love apps, they are still essentially dumbed down programmes, which is great if you have a simple task in mind but not so great for businesses and people with advanced functionality requirements.

          • counterblow

            skydrive modern app bakes itself into the file system too. If I want to post a pic to facebook I click the browse button and up comes skydrive.

          • Oliver

            But the modern app is integrated for a totally different purpose. Apps are for speed and convenience, applications/programmes are for full functionality if that’s what you want.

        • WixosTrix

          All Windows RT devices come with Office and in Windows 8.1 that will include Outlook 2013. You don’t have to use it and are free to use the Metro-style app that is replacing the Mail app.

  • rick roll

    looking nice

  • Param

    Will calendar support facebook calendar?

  • vmxr

    now i feel like these are actually designed by Microsoft 😀
    the old apps poorly designed

  • George

    The only e-mail client on the planet that loads images by default, and can’t be configured not to. Its scary to think there’s a person on the planet who uses it.
    Its inexcusable Microsoft released the current one with that severe problem. Hope they don’t make the same mistake again.

  • MeWhoElse

    Hang on, what? Messenger? Shouldn’t that have been cleaned up and changed to only Facebook or Skype? Possible fake or very early development shots?