Screenshots of Windows 8 Build 8220 Shows Start Orb Removal

Start Orb and Start menu are gone. In the leaked screenshots of Windows 8 Build 8220 via forums, Start menu and Start Orb in the Windows task bar are removed. Now the task bar will act as a regular dock with start menu funtionality moved to the charms bar on the left. Microsoft is expected to release Windows 8 beta for public later this week and is expected to get RTMd in September. Find more at via link.

via: Neowin Image Credit:

  • Alex F.

    Charms bar is on the right 😉

  • Appieflappie

    It would be better if MS gave the charms bar a darker background. With some background pics it wont look that good.

  • Njoi Fontes

    I´m pretty confidente that the charms bar will be customizable to some extent (at the very least it should be possible to change the font colour to make it suit any particular background)

  • Stephen Victor

    Nice change and attractive at that. +1

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    charms will be dark, like we have now in WDP… this “transparent” its if people “accidentally” hit the right side but not enough to trigger the full charms.
    thats what it was explained at mdl. so its not like these trasnparent charm will have any problem or something with a white background for example.

    but who knows maybe it changed for CP, since it was shown and explained 2 months ago

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm.  Well, that seems to kill off the old start menu hack.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      there will still be something like an orb but its like a start screen preview when you go to left corner but its not a menu anymore like in wdp. besides i read newer builds didn’t allow old start menu hack. but we will have to wait to see if consumer preview really doesn’t allow it anymore.