Seattle Children’s Hospital To Deploy Surface Pro 3 Instead Of Laptops (Video)

Microsoft today announced that Seattle Children’s Hospital have committed to purchasing and deploying Surface Pro 3 inside their organization. Apart from it, Avanade, BMW Group, The Coca-Cola Company and Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy have already committed to purchasing and deploying Surface Pro 3. Surface Pro 3 allows these organizations the complete laptop experience with the power to run all the Windows software they need, including the full Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud. The above video provides a quick glance at how the clinicians and staff at Seattle Children’s plan to put Surface Pro 3 to use in their facilities to enable greater efficiency and improved patient care.

Pre-order Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft Store today.

Source: Surface blog

  • Bugbog

    A no brainer really! :)

  • Rikkirirk

    Microsoft has an integrated and all incompassing strategy, meaning that hardware, software and Cloud (Azure etc) are fully integrated and connected in everyway possible. Businesses, enterprises health organizations and schools are totally dominated by, bound to and dependant on Microsoft. This is a winning strategy.

  • docles

    The potential of the sp3 and the like is really great. Imagine that gov’t offices could have a digital form which could be filled up and signed using the sp3 pen then stored safely in the clouds. For example a digital birth certificate form readily available in the hospitals, easily filled up and signed by the hospital personnel, parents and doctor then forwarded to the census office is tremendous. Drs lawyers, architects, engineers, students utilizing the power of the pen in these machines to jot down notes of their clients needs, testimonies etc or the patients symptoms and disease related specifics is mind boggling. This together with the msft ecosystem and of course the cloud might be very well the future. This thing could pave the way for a paperless society and help our environment in the long run. Just my opinion