See 8 USB devices connected to one Microsoft Surface

One of the things which makes the Microsoft Surface a real productivity machine is the presence and support of the full-sized USB port.

ChannelMetro decided to put this to a test, and plugged a total of 8 USB devices into their Microsoft Surface.

The list included a 7-Port USB Hub, to which was linked:

1 XBOX 360 USB controller
1 Nokia X3-02 Smartphone
1 Apple IPod
1 USB Flash Drive 2 GB
1 Mouse Logitech receiver
1 HP Multifunction printer
1 Hard Disk of 2 TB Capacity

While the video is really little more than a tech demo, if does show the range and breadth of devices supported. Have any of our Surface-owning readers ever used this feature in anger? Let us know below.



  • Mark Phillips


  • Vincent Haakmat

    That’s what makes Windows.. Windows!!!!

  • xMan

    Please invest in a tripod….man

  • José Villaró


  • arrow2010

    I’m pretty sure you can do the same thing with an iPad using a 30-pin to USB adapter.

    • VHMP01

      Yeah right! Have you got any drivers? Like Millions of them!

    • eddmann

      Will not work.
      Android can’t pull such feats either. Try connecting an NTFS external hard drive. It won’t work.

    • HighDefJunkies

      No it won’t. Try it and see. Unless you install drivers (which is probably not in the store) it won’t work. All the drivers are pre-installed with RT. It’s glorious.

    • CX1

      Apple locks them down. Almost nothing works with the dongle.

    • CX1

      Apple locks them down. Almost nothing works with the dongle.

  • Lasp24

    I got to actually try the surface today AND ITS AMAZING! I dont see the fuss about how it is hard to use, i learned it in like 5 min with no help