See How Microsoft Uses Kinect To Help The Hearing And The Deaf Communicate

Microsoft Research today posted the above video which shows how Kinect’s sign language translation capabilities help the hearing and the deaf communicate. You can communicate between American sign language and Chinese sign language or potentially any sign languages to any other natural languages. Kinect detects the sign language and converts into natural spoken language. There is a avatar in the system to represent the hearing person doing the signing. It’s a proxy for the hearing person. It basically uses machine language and pattern recognition to achieve this results.

This project has a huge potential. Watch the video above.

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  • VHMP01

    So all detractors or anti-MS have to say… ?

    • donzebe

      Just like Bill Gate him self, Microsoft is always thinking of ways to improve the quality of life.

      • VHMP01

        MS is a business, problem is most business ‘Only’ think greedy, so for MS to have a ‘Society Caring’ side, makes them a bit better than the rest. It was like when Google started to grow, they used to care about making better thing even at the lowests cost for costumers, you know; ads pays for search, now all they care about is ads! I am not even talking about fruits!

  • donzebe

    This is going to be one of the greatest technological break through
    for the 21st century.