Seton Hall University Handing Over ThinkPad Helix To Newcomers

ThinkPad Helix

Seton Hall University has decided to hand over Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Ultrabook Convertibles to newcomers starting this June. The unit will  come with Window 8 Pro, Intel i5-3317U processor, 4GB RAM, 256 GB solid state drive (SSD), 11.6 inch multitouch screen with full high-definition (1920 by 1080) resolution, a docking keyboard, dual internal batteries (one on the slate and one in the keyboard) for five hours each of battery life, a digitizer pen and a three-year warranty and asset damage protection insurance.

You can find the reason why the university chose ThinkPad Helix over other Ultrabooks and devices.

“The tablets cost more than the Ultrabooks, which I would assume made some students uncomfortable,” Holden said. “Further, I think that moving to a hybrid computer gives students the flexibility of a tablet, the utility of an Ultrabook and avoids the pitfalls of each machine.” He said unlike the current tablets, the Helix snaps into its keyboard, making it look more like a normal laptop, rather than the slate that has a keyboard that is not attached.“It is smaller than an Ultrabook and has the detachable tablet portion for easy use on the go, just like a normal tablet,” Holden said. Holden said an aspect of the Lenovo that he liked was that it holds an additional four hours of battery life in its keyboard, lasting for 10 hours rather than the Samsung’s duration of five to seven.

Hoffman said this new selection is more convenient and fits the needs of all students. “Some students were not happy being forced to take a tablet or to take an Ultrabook, and we feel that the Lenovo Helix provides the most flexibility for students and should meet the needs of everyone on campus,” Hoffman said.

Source: Setonian

  • Bugbog

    The Best of both Worlds!

  • rockuz

    If the students of Seton Hall doesn’t want it they can give it to me.

  • Adam

    Didn’t SHU get Windows Phones -NL 900’s last year or something?

    They must have one sweet ass deal with MS. —I wish my private Catholic school got these things.

  • PoohGQ

    I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t rise to the occasion in this instant with Surface Pros..!!

    • AS147

      I assume MS would prefer that the OEM’s succeed and support the Windows eco system at a higher standard rather than having to do the heavy lifting in hardware also. But with Surface they have some (small) backup when OEMs don’t. Lenovo stepping up and showing growth in the PC market is better than MS getting profits in hardware. Strength in numbers

  • loc

    makes so much more sense than the ipads they are giving to students in some unis in Australia. This is all they really need,an ipad just isnt up to the task of doing everything a student needs it for. Especially when it comes to science software, which tends to be on windows most of the time.