SharePoint Online Now Allows Up To 1TB Of Storage For OneDrive For Business

SharePoint Online now allows up to 1TB of storage for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint site collections in Office 365.

An administrator can specify which specific users they want to assign new upper quotas of 50GB, 100GB, 250GB, 500GB or 1TB quota. The catch to this is once the default quota of 25GB for a user is exceeded you will be pulling storage out of the overall pooled tenant storage allocation (10GB + 500MB x total number of users) in the tenant.


If you have 10,000 A2 licensed users that equals 5TB of pooled tenant storage available.


You decide to up OneDrive for Business quota from default 25GB to 250GB for 4 users which consumes 1TB out of the 5TB leaving 4TB remaining of the overall pooled storage.


You can purchase more pooled tenant storage at a per GB / per Month charge if you require more.


The SharePoint site collection limit has also been upped from 100GB to 1TB max and the 25TB max SharePoint Online limit in a single tenant has been removed which means you can purchase as much pooled storage as needed in your tenant.


Read more about collection quotas here and here.

Source: Microsoft Education in the Cloud

  • Nham Thien Duong

    This is great, now I hope that they’ll give the actual OneDrive a similar number, seriously, that would make both Windows P.C.’s and Windows Phones competitive beyond comparison ¿too much free space? well, look at many Chinese & Eastern-European countries that already offer T.B. in FREE space, there even is a Chinese company that offers 500 T.B. (you didn’t misread that) for free, so Microsoft could easily upgrade everyone to at-least 25 G.B. (>_<) 25 G.B. would make the Nokia Lumia 520 a better device compared to Android devices at the same price point. 😛

  • Vincent Haakmat

    I just want to have a drive for backups, like 1-3 TB, jut like I can get from GoogeDrive within the same price range. Is that too much to ask?

  • Nik Ysambart

    MS needs to fix the invalid character BS – then it might be a viable business tool. We’d like to make use of it, but many of our current files contain what ODB describes as invalid characters….fix that and we’re good to go.

  • xxcorpxx

    I hope they also increase the amount of files and folders you can have. We are running into this limitation on a few users. I agree with Nik, I wish it worked as well as the personal OneDrive.
    Other than that, it’s been a great addition to the Windows 8.1 rollout this year.