Short Supply 128 Gb Surface Pro a Best Buy best seller


Despite severe stock shortages and a high price the Microsoft Surface pro has still managed to make it onto Best Buy’s Bet Seller list, currently sitting in 4th spot behind much, much cheaper Amazon Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Windows 8 tablet has been seeing severe supply shortages, but Microsoft has promised to restock this weekend, and is currently taking pre-orders for delivery later in the month.

Interestingly on the same page the Surface RT tablet holds 12th spot, suggesting the Windows 8 tablet may see better success than its more limited sibling.

See the Best Buy page here.

Thanks JamesSB for the tip.

  • leharmeerak

    I think surface doesn’t have a chance when listed below a $159 tablet from one of the best tablet makers (amazon).

    • maverick

      Chance of what ? Do you think that Professional will buy a kiddy Kindle ?
      The surface is the only product up to $900 and it’s a best seller.
      Good move MS!

      • arrow2010

        Also remember people are buying the Type Cover at $130!

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      Ha ha…whuddd? Do you know the difference?. Consumption vs everything.

      • leharmeerak

        the question is, do we need everything???

        • Bugbog

          I don’t, but some people do!

        • JRV

          I run my consulting business from my notebook. But I could also run it from a 128GB Surface and benefit from the ad hoc tablet format periodically. I am therefore considering replacing my notebook with one.
          If all I had to use was an iPad, Droid tab, or Kindle, I’d be out of business. If all I had was a Surface Pro, it would be business as usual…only better.
          I NEED a notebook. I’d LIKE a tablet. But there’s NO business case for buying BOTH. Especially when iOS or Droid tablets are so trivially capable.
          So, yes, I need everything. And that makes Surface Pro, or other Win 8 hybrid devices, the ONLY type of tablet I could consider.

        • Tips_y

          If you can afford it, why settle for less when you can have “everything”!

    • koenshaku

      lol I hope you are being sarcastic.

  • jack frost

    nice going…love it.

  • hysonmb

    excellent evidence in the argument against artificial demand being created by limited stock. MS has a hit on their hands as long as they keep pumping them out and don’t slack off on the advertising. Hopefully they’ll keep the interest hot and announce something new at MWC. Everyone in my office is asking about a dock, would be nice.

  • Bugbog

    A Cost ratio of 5 to 1, and in the case of the Kindle Fire, 6 to 1. Limited in supply, and Heavier. Yet it still makes it onto the best-seller list.

    I do think Microsoft’s strategy to make a profit on the sale of their devices (whether a runaway seller or not) seems to be sound!

    • JRV

      Surface Pro is DEFINITELY in good company on that list. I’d not have expected it to outsell the limited-capability devices that are nearly impulse buys by comparison. But whatever Best Buy’s “Best Seller” rankings mean, that appears to be what it’s doing.

      • Bugbog


    • arrow2010

      It’s because it’s FULL Windows in a new interesting form factor. The question will be how much legs does this have. Will it be a continuous bestseller or disappear after a month?

  • App Stars

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  • JRV

    Encouraging, and far better than seeing it at number 258. But it makes me wonder what their algorithm is for determining “Best Sellers”? As I write this, it’s “not available for shipping”, and also unavailable in any Best Buy store in the 4 major metros I checked from the web site: NYC, LA, Chicago and Houston. So it sounds like they’re sold out of small quantities again. Pretty much the way it’s been from day one. So, how big a seller could it be against the generally available Kindles & Galaxy 7? And since Surface RT is ranked 12 (of 258), and its sales have underwhelmed, the numbers must fall off a cliff somewhere between 1 and 12…but where?

    • Bugbog

      It may not necessarily be in terms of absolute numbers, or overall demand, but just in terms of demand over the period of the month in which tables are set. (Although I doubt that would be the case).

      Even though initial stocking was in the ‘utter depths of the toilet’, if you factor in the amount sold (2 – 4 units for every single Continental US store), plus every single $50 pre-order, which still counts as a sale, then your are looking at a significant number of units over this last 9 day period!

    • WebUser

      @JRV Surface RT sales underwhelmed? You, like millions smart people, trust the media too much. The truth is: RT sales is very good. I said very good, yes. Let me explain: no one have a number, those anti-Microsoft analyst come up with a number says: 0.9 million for Q4. Lets believe them. This number is not a full quarter, two month exactly. Available for only 40 Microsoft stores. Just before end of December, available in BB and Staples, you know that’s just nominal. 0.9m is a huge number. If that is sale world wide, and available everywhere. and full 3 months, how much do you expect, I expect 10 times of that number at worst. Do you agree? I looked around in the media in the past 3 months, only one article pointed out this truth. 99% percent of media asshls choose to ignore this fact. They don’t know about it? I doubt it, they are not all stupid. They are asshls.

    • SategB

      Hate to say it but I think PenquinTweet analysis is the most valid. The most import thing to remember that opening week sales are not as important and the following weeks. For us fanboys will rush out and support the new product like we did with Window Phone 7/8 (which languorous at 2.6%) it is if the public at large care to own it.

  • Windows-8

    All Ipad versions Are Behind Surface Pro , Surface RT Excellent!!!

    • Duel

      Exactly “all iPad versions”, theres like 24 different retina iPads for example. Combine sells of them and i think iPad is best selling tablet in best buy.

      • arrow2010

        There needs to be more Surface Pro SKUs. Why isn’t there one with LTE?

  • PenguinTweet

    WP phones were continually on the top of the Amazon best seller lists, but sold very little. The Surface RT sold very few units, the Surface Pro may do better, but these lists do not represent a large number of sales.

    • arrow2010

      That’s because very few buy smartphones through Amazon. So that’s not a true representation of how well a smartphone is doing. Best Buy & carrier sales are the bellweather.

  • SagetB

    Something I do not understand, if Best Buys store only average 2 128’s per store how can it be so high on the list is Best Buy not selling anything these days?.

    Also it does the Pro a disservice to call it a tablet, when in fact we all understand serves as a touch based ultralight laptop best.

  • JRV

    Old story, but deserves an update. At this moment, 3 weeks after launch, Surface Pro 128 is Best Buy’s #5 best seller, after 7 & 10″ Galaxy and 2 Kindles, and just ahead of iPad 2. Surface Pro 64 is #12.

    Not bad, not bad.