Sim Trader for Windows 8 – A free way to trade stocks with virtual money, and compete and talk with thousands of users!

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What is Sim Trader? It’s an app that allows you to trade stocks with virtual money, and compete against thousands of users globally!

This application will teach you how to trade and the risks associated with the Stock Market, and is packed with loads of fun things to do, such as unlockable achievements.

  • Over 15000 Public Companies with Real Quotes
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Virtual Trading
  • Stock News
  • Global Chat
  • Achievements
  • Shake to Refresh by enabling via AppBar
  • Live Tile
  • Compete against thousands of users


The best part of Sim Trader is that every feature is free and can be found in the Windows 8 Store here.

  • Peter Pogorski

    Great looking app!

    • Adrian Typa

      Hmm, I don’t know, it seems like garbage to me,
      It could use a bit more colour.
      Also, not using real money ruins all the fun of gambing.

  • FavBrowser