SkyDrive Introduces The Most Requested Feature, Selective Sync For Files

Today SkyDrive team announced that the usage of SkyDrive has doubled since 6 months back. SkyDrive team is releasing an update to the sync apps that includes the ability to select what you sync along with the ability to share files and folders right from the Windows File Explorer. Also there are few updates to the SkyDrive apps for Windows Phone and Android improving the experience.

SkyDrive for Windows Phone:

A fully optimized SkyDrive app for Windows Phone 8. In addition to all-around performance improvements and some visual updates to better fit Windows Phone 8, you can now search your SkyDrive files and folders and control photo upload and download size.

SkyDrive for Android also added several new features in addition to performance improvements: 

  • Upload all file types from SD card
  • Rename SkyDrive folders & files
  • Custom sort orders for every view

Read more about it here.

  • Daniel

    I love skydrive

  • Manu

    Is it possible to do peer to peer sync like you could do with Mesh? Or is it only client to cloud to client?
    Can you select folders anywhere in the file system to Sync? Or does it only Sync content in the “SkyDrive” folder.
    I love the ‘concept’ of SkyDrive, but I found my usage went down considerable from Mesh.

    • kimck99

      As far as I am aware, SkyDrive does not support peer to peer (PC to PC). It has to go through the cloud. I had used Live Mesh Sync (all versions) to perform PC to PC sync only and add select some files to be up on the cloud. I dearly miss this capability. Live/Mesh/Sync was my remote back up solution.

      • Manu

        Same here. I’m a HUGE cloud proponent and I pay for increased storage on my SkyDrive, but some files I don’t want to sync up because of the size limits, but I’d love to peer to peer sync so I have a duplicate. Mesh was FAR superior to SkyDrive (but not nearly as ‘market ready’)

  • Chris Brown

    I just wish that Windows RT could sync files.

    • rsgx

      Another reason I returned my Surface. Such a poor move.

  • redtidal

    It is coming together. Yeah!

  • Johan Nilsson

    What about settings for file-sharing? Still missing? I just cant believe they have a cloud service for storing files and there are no settings for sharing them unless you log into the web.

    • JohnCz

      I don’t alter who I share my folders with very often, so I’m okay with them being web based.

  • koenshaku


  • mkr10001

    Does this selective sync work two ways. I know it will stop it downloading your whole skydrive to your pc…but i would like to sync folders on my computer without having to duplicate them in the skydrive folder. Right click on a folder anywhere and say sync this folder

  • rsgx

    Is this live yet?