SkyDrive may soon sport a web-based music player

SkyDrive-Music-Player_thumbskydrive_musicplayer has been rooting through the HTML of the current SkyDrive web app, and has found interesting references and also resources which point very strongly to a web-based music player which would be able to play music, including Playlists, from SkyDrive.

Currently single tracks can be played from SkyDrive, but the experience is obviously far from optimal. The resources discovered by LiveSide suggests the service will gain a much more full-featured pop-out player, which means users will be able to access their music from their work PC and hotel as easily as from home, which is rather good news.

Read more at here.

  • blackhawk556

    about time. Hopefully people managed to opt in on time to keep 25gb other wise their 7gb will fill up too quickly.

  • jimski27

    Have you tried SkyMusic? Works pretty well today. Why wait.

  • nreizer

    I tend to use my Zune Pass, er, I mean Xbox Music subscription. Even if I own the CD, its just as fast to stream the album. So I don’t eat any of my SkyDrive storage for music.

  • Bugbog

    Don’t think that’ll be too difficult. Already if you have a folder of videos uploaded to Skydrive, when you access them they just play straight away with no buffering. Forwards, backwards. It.Just.Streams!

  • Zicoz

    This is probably just the Xbox Music version of the least hyped feature in tech, the website player.

  • Frostie

    Music player! Why stop there?
    Why not multimedia player?