Skype Adopts Metro Look For Android App, Passes 100 Million Downloads

Skype has redesigned their Android app with version 4.0 to look and feel more like the app does on Windows Phone.  The android Skype app has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and more reliable. The focus was on stability, performance, and load time.  Skype claims this version has major improvements in allowing users to fire off a quick message, or access contacts and favorites.

Microsoft promises more updates in the coming months and year ahead “to make Skype for Android even more reliable, reachable, and mobile-friendly.”  No word on Skype for Windows Phone as of yet.  From what we’re hearing the Windows Phone group has truly adopted the “Shut-up & Ship” motto, and we will likely not know more about Skype being built into Windows Phone until Q1 2014.

Unfortunately, it appears Skype is now using Microsoft’s marketing group:

Source: Skype

  • raj

    What a boring ad!! Ever a fifth grader can create a better ad than that… Shame on you Skype!

  • Sacs

    Wow! The Metro style UI made 100 million people download it… not auto update… honest!

  • Dissappointed

    I feel get arsed as Windows Phone user. Skype for Windows Phone still not supports file transfers, crashes many times and starts slow. It’s a shame for Microsoft. The YouTube app is (after weeks) still missing and the Facebook app is just mediocre. Also, Microsof want’s to develop Age of Empires only for Android & iOs (if a WP version will come, those will only come at a later point) Microsoft has no right to complain about Google, if they can’t even manage and prioritise they own platform.

    • Orc

      It will hurt us in the long run if they cripple their service on other platforms. If people move to Google talk etc, what benefit does WP get of having Skype in the first place.

    • Mike366

      Patience :). Skype on WP was far behind when Skype was acquired. It will eventually be integrated into the WP OS