Skype for Android updated, bring UI, Audio improvements

Besides improvements in Skype for Windows 8, the Microsoft subsidiary also announced  version 3.0 of Skype for Android.

The latest version is optimized to scale to Android tablet’s bigger screen, so you can experience Skype at its best on both larger and smaller displays.

Supported tablets include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the Google Nexus 7, Acer Iconia, Asus Transformer Prime, Motorola Xoom and Sony S.

Skype also announced  a boost in audio quality. Skype for Android 3.0 adds support for  Skype’s wideband audio codec, SILK, which was designed to capture the richness of human speech. It copes well with the often varying speeds of Internet connections, ensuring that the audio quality is always the best it can be. That way, Skype will deliver the best possible audio on your tablet, even with a shaky connection.

To hear the improvements in audio quality for yourself, see the video below.

You can download Skype 3.0 for Android from Google Play.

Read more at Skype here.


  • GG002

    Microsoft, Y U giving Android users file transfer, but not to your loyal users! I want file transfer in Skype for Win 8, gaddammit!

  • blackhawk556

    does the windows version have all the features android and iOS have?