Skype Like Click-to-Call Comes To Metro IE11 In Windows 8.1

As the release of Windows 8.1 nears some information has started to leaks.  MyDigitalLife forum member Faikee has posted a good bit of information regarding Windows 8.1.  Among this is a new feature in IE11 in the public preview of Windows 8.1.

For a long time Skype has had a feature called “Click to Call.” This feature recognizes phone numbers while browsing the web, putting a sort of hyperlink around it, and clicking on the phone number will load Skype and let you call the number.

Microsoft has decided to embrace and extend this feature in Windows 8.1.  You now have the option of loading an app of your choice when IE11 recognizes a phone number.  I’m guessing Skype will be a prime choice from Microsoft.  Each user on a machine can set their own default program.

IE11 Click To Call

Source: MyDigitalLife


  • donzebe

    This all good news for windows 8.1

    • Forc6

      Windows 8.1 is getting better and better day by day…. PS offtopic: Cant comment on wmpoweruser for some time noe are there technical Problems or what? oO

      • surilamin

        On cross-posted stories from Microsoft-news over at wmpoweruser comments are locked. All other stories you should be able to comment on.

        • Forc6

          I know that. Problem is i cnt comment on plain normal articles over at wmpoweruser. dunno why