Skype Promises Major Improvements Within The Year

Skype, like many other pieces software, collects a large amount of feedback.  Here is what they have been hearing from their customers:

  • Make Skype more reliable, and less power hungry. Be nice to my battery life. Pretty self-explanatory, and the work is never done.
  • Messaging needs to be easier and at my fingertips. People use a lot of different apps for messaging – and it’s very easy to switch back and forth, using the one that feels right in the moment. While Skype is known best for calling (recently exceeding 2 billion minutes in one day!), our users also send tens of billions of chat messages every month to the people they care about most. They simply want it to be more convenient.
  • I now use Skype on multiple devices, so make the experience fast and familiar. More and more of our users have Skype on their phone, tablet, and PC. So while we still need to make Android feel like Android and Windows feel like Windows, people want a fast, beautiful, and more coherent design across all the devices they use.

Skype expects to make improvements on the following within the year:

  • Increasing performance and quality. This is our number one priority and a key component of every update we roll out. Earlier this year, we started making some significant changes under the hood to the way in which our apps work, specifically around reliability, battery life and performance. We debuted some of this work first on Skype for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. As we said back then, this work helps ensure that calls and messages come in quickly, reliably and without affecting your battery life. We plan to bring these same enhancements to all the devices you use Skype on.
    • Modern design, putting conversations first. To make all your interactions on Skype easier, we are putting conversations at the heart of a redesigned experience. Not only is this Modern design bold and beautiful, but it’s also simpler and easier to use. Doing this on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 dramatically reduced the time it takes to reply to a message, while making it even simpler to upgrade that conversation to a voice or video call. Our aim is to make the experience and design of our apps as consistent as possible, while still respecting each device’s unique look and feel.
    • Completing the experience across devices. We’ve seen an incredible response to the new capabilities we’ve brought to Skype recently including video messaging, picture sharing, HD video, and more. And we want everyone to have the same great Skype experience regardless of the device they choose. We have some work to do in this area, but you’ll increasingly see a more consistent feature set across all our apps by the end of the year.

Here’s a few things you may not know about Skype:

  • At certain points in the day, there are more people using Skype from their phone or tablet than from a PC.
  • Each month, the growth rate of new users coming to Skype on a tablet or phone is double what it was the year before. And those people now represent nearly half of the total new users joining Skype every month.
  • Skype continues to be an essential app, ranked in the top 10 most downloaded apps of all time on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Source: Skype Blog

  • redtidal

    Better late than never?

  • Forc6

    Srsly Skype can just fuck themselves I dont care if they are a Microsoft Company now or not. The fact is they did not deliver a good Skype app for WP8 its still a god damn awful app (and still beta for how many months now? 6?). Not to mention the lack of Video Messaging on Windows phone I mean what were they thinking? IF Windows phone 8 would really be their No. 1 priority, it would not be 1. still a beta 2. a god awful experience and 3. have Video Messaging rolled out at the same day as iOS and Android.
    Edit: To those who will reply to my post with: Their is a lack of API for Skype to Support Video Messaging or whatever. NO it is not Skype belongs to Microsoft, they are not bound to specific APIs.

    • arrow2010

      No you can go F-yourself.

      • Forc6

        ??? dude! lol whats wrong with you? stick your head out of skypes ass… did you even read my comment?

    • surilamin

      From what I’m hearing, Skype will be built into Win Phone, starting w/ Win Phone Blue.

      • Forc6

        This is what it is: a rumour. Still this is no justification to not provide at least a good Skype experience on WP8 and W8 RT/Pro. I mean see it this way if Skype is awful as an app how awful will it be build-in then?

      • reKitab

        Is Skype built in “Amber / Blue”, Lumia 925/928?

        • surilamin

          Amber is GDR2 + Nokia specific features coming in early August now.. GDR3 will come holiday 2013. Blue will come Q1 2014. Built-in Skype will come with Blue.

    • sam

      I don’t think it’s beta anymore. At least not according to the title of the app. I do somehow agree though, that the experience is still trash. Made me thinking what the hell are you guys doing Microsoft?

  • soder

    “Here is what they have been hearing from their customers:”

    All their users private conversations, IM messages, video streams, and while they search in that data, also forward all this bunch of data to NSA happily. Thats what they heard actually, everything else in this article is just pure commercial bs.

  • Theri0n

    Skype seems like Trojan horse across Windows 8 ecosystem. Clients for Windows RT and Phone are laggy, instable and pathetically obsolete comparing to clients for iOS and Android. Skype is the only app causing fast, smooth and reliable Windows RT lag, freeze and reboot. The decision to dump Live Messenger and replace it with Skype is huge mistake of Microsoft. Live Messenger proved to be reliable and secure chat platform, while Skype become real pain in the ass since Live Messenger sacrifice.

  • Guest

    Sounds kind of defensive, particularly the part about still being a top 10 download app.

  • grs_dev

    For applications that are permitted to run in the background, Lync and Skype take way too long to launch whenever I want to do anything in them.

    The Lync User Experience right now is more intuitive and easier to use than that of Skype. I am missing Messenger. A simple IM application that over achieved. To me Skype is a telephony application that is trying to do too much and failing at most of them.

    I hope they sort this out soon. IM+ is about the only semi usable communication tool that is available on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone that has a fairly robust User Experience and features.

    The whole intrinsic Messaging tile in Windows 8 is confusing to me at this point. I don’t get its purpose anymore.

    If the idea is to make peer-to-peer messaging pervasive throughout the OS then just do that and stop confusing us with all these competing apps and methods to do the same thing.

  • NegLewis

    The only reason they were bought is that damn encryption.
    It was a nightmare for you know who.
    No longer is.

  • Firas!251&authkey=!AJ-An0KsZCqpWVE

    pleas considers making this in the upcoming updates for skype.
    much more convenient and easy to use and much more eye-candy / user friendly.

    twitter: @firas_md

  • tomakali

    Skype can kill whatsapp easily…
    if ever some morons are fired and replaced with biebers…