Skype Testing New UI For Desktop Clients

In a short blog post Skype informed users it is testing a refreshed UI for a small portion of Windows desktop users and select Mac users.  The new UI aims to bring a clean and modern look to Skype, providing a coherent experience across all clients.

The Skype team will be analyzing test results, gathering feedback, and fine-tuning the experience before releasing to the entire user base.

The blog did not provide any screenshots of the new UI. Comment below have been lucky enough to receive the new UI.

Source: Skype

  • Mark Gibbs

    when can we do group video on mobile phones ..

    • ZloiYuri

      When can we do transfer files in Skype on mobile phones ..

      • whatup12

        when can we listen to voice messages on skype mobile?
        when can we resume quickly on skype mobile?
        i saw someone using skype on android and was painfully surprised with how quickly it resumed…

        • ZloiYuri

          Sadly true. I wandering – does MS owner of Skype? Or it is myth?

          • Topsey

            Don’t be too hard on MS they just want to maximize adoption and we all knowledge that means servicing Android & iOS first. It’s where the numbers and $ are at now.

  • RadiusK

    Paul Thurrott wrote about a new Skype UI which can already be used from a bèta installer (which is linked in the article). I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it is quite a nice improvement over the old interface:

    This beta only reflects UI changes in the conversation window though. Not sure if Skype team means only these, or also other changes not in this beta version.

  • Mike

    This looks disgusting in all honesty. I almost cried when I downloaded it. It looks like a revamped mobile IM system. It’s hard to look at compared to the previous release, and is overall just looks silly. Please give me the option to revert back.

  • noerapenal

    i had it, in some kind of epic fail, lost it xD