Skype To Offer Free Wi-Fi For Travelers At 50 US Airports

Skype is going to offer free Wi-Fi for travelers across 50 airports in US starting Wednesday. Users can connect through this free wi-fi using their Windows PC’s, Mac’s and even iOS devices.

Skype is setting out to make travel a little more pleasant this holiday season by offering a free hour of Internet access to third-party wireless hotspots within the Skype WiFi hotspot footprint in select airports across the U.S. From December 21st thru December 27th, travelers passing through or delayed in over 50 airports across the country will be able to access third-party hotspots using Skype WiFi and connect with loved ones via a Skype video or voice call for free.*

Source: Skype 

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is MS waiting for on Skype WP7 client? Ridiculous.

  • Junk911

    Oops I have a windows phone, the only platform that does not have Skype(owed by Microsoft), so who cares. Microsoft has conducted the worst marketing campaign for WP7. after more than a year from launch people still look at my phone and have no idea what is that “Windows Phone” thing they can only remember that abomination called windows mobile. Stop the arrogance and go back to your 4 C’s