Skype Updated…For iPad & iOS

The Skype team has released an update for iPhone and Skype for iPad, version 4.13.  The release is primarily focused on bringing a refreshed look for iOS 7, I suspect they borrowed heavily from the UI of the windows phone app. In addition made improvements were made to accessibility, audio and video calling.

4.13 Change log:

  1. Refreshed look and feel for iOS 7
  2. Accessibility improvements, including:
    1. Improved accessibility of dialpad with touchtype support
    2. VoiceOver announces the senders name when messaging
    3. VoiceOver improvements for group chats
  3. General fixes

Source: Skype Blog

  • Danny Dodge

    IOS versions also added ads…don’t update.

    • Yuan Taizong

      Hahaha, though luck for those that chose iDevices ):-D
      *Devlish laughter*

      but in all seriousness, ad-suport is a necessary evil for Microsoft’s awesome services.

      • Danny Dodge

        So why are you here if you don’t have one ? (Closet iDevice owner?)

        I havent received an add-inflated update for android so I don’t see why they add it to iOS – and they get revenue from skype credit.

        I don ‘t mind SEEING ads, especially on a bigger screen (annoying on 4S) but they drain data and battery much more as they are constantly updating even if the app is running in the background AFAIK.

    • koenshaku

      LOL I somehow feel gratified =)

  • Yuan Taizong

    Good news for our Apple bretherin, can’t wait to get some bug fixes here on Windows Phone (–_–)

    • koenshaku

      Well you will be doing a lot of waiting. I was using it on my 920 today and text wasn’t even scrolling down when I received a new message for whatever really I had to scroll down to see it. So buggy and it always pains me to see this level of support for iOS…

      • Danny Dodge

        WP version looks soooo beautiful though, after a bit more development you will have the fastest, most fluid AND most beautiful version. You have a new version written two years ago, iOS and Android versions are about 6 or 7 years old apps that have been updated, so much old code and lack of ability to optimize for today’s phones means they don’t have the potential of the WP version unless they re-write it. have patience :)