Skype Updated iOS App With Support For HD Video Calls On iPhone 5S

Microsoft has updated their Skype for iOS app with two new improvements. The app now allows users to enjoy 2-way high-definition video calls on the iPhone 5s. The second feature is the Skype notification support in the lockscreen. You can now have your Skype messages on your iOS homescreen which will allow you to enjoy the latest messages without even unlocking your device.

What’s New in Version 4.17:    

  • Two-way HD video calls are now supported on the iPhone 5S.
  • Receive chat messages even when Skype is closed.
  • Chat messages now sync much faster across all your devices.

Download Skype iOS app here from App Store.

  • koenshaku

    Too bad the 5S falls short of HD resolution to fully take advantage of this.

  • efjay

    So much for “first and best on Windows” but we all know they actually mean ios…..

    • DarthTigris

      Right now there is only one phone (Lumia 1520) that has a 1080p HD screen. I’d love to see that first/best here too but the reality is that there aren’t many phones out there that could even use it at all.

      • kain0m

        The Lumia 1020, 920, 925, HTC 8X, Samsung Ativ S have higher resolution screens than the iPhone 5s.
        Plus, “HD Skype video calling” doesn’t mean “Full HD”, it means something more like 480p Youtube Video.

        • DarthTigris

          Well if that’s what is meant by HD Skype video calling then BURN THIS MUTHA DOWN!!!