Skype Video Calling Now Available On

Skype Video Calling Outlook

Microsoft today announced that they are rolling out Skype video calling integration in users from today. The roll out has begun with UK customers, followed by US customers soon and other countries later.

You will be required to install a browser plugin – available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome – before linking up your and Skype accounts. Once your accounts are merged, Skype call buttons will be available whenever you mouse over a contact in an email thread or instant message; simply click to call and a window will pop-up for your Skype conversation.

Enjoy Skype within your browser!

Source: Skype Blog

  • David

    Perfect. Just what I was waiting for! :)

  • MaelN

    So it’s not available with IE metro if it need a plugin ?

    • surilamin

      correct, use the win8 app.

  • erik

    Hmm it is funny that microsoft Metro IE would probably not support this Microsoft technology. And Microsoft did it again (like with Silverlight in Metro IE)

    • Chung-Ping Hung

      Why do you use in MetroIE? The start screen is in fact “OutlookOS” already.
      I stopped using in daily basis (unless I need to change some account settings) after I upgraded to Windows 8. For me, is a crippled Metro app suite for people who don’t have Windows 8.