Skype Video Messaging Comes Out Of Beta, Available Across Platforms Except Windows Phone!

Skype Video Message Windows Store 1

Microsoft Skype today announced that the video messaging feature which was in beta period so far has now graduated into final version. Skype video messaging is now a free feature in Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Windows 8, Skype for Mac, Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad, Skype for Android and Skype for BlackBerry. Yes, not yet available for Windows Phone devices yet!

With Skype video messaging, you can now record and share a personal video message when the other person is not available. They can be able to view your video message as soon as they sign into Skype.

Recording a Skype Video Message is simple:

•First, tap the “video message” button.
•Next, tap the record button to capture your video message.
•You can record a message of up to three minutes, which can be previewed prior to sending. If you’d like to, you can delete and re-record until you are completely happy with it.
•When you are ready, simply click on the envelope icon to send your video message to the recipient.

Source: Skype

  • smity smiter

    Like I’ve said somewhere else, I’m starting to wonder why I always root for Windows Phone.

    • koenshaku

      Its a sad day for windows phone users indeed. I mean they have the best UI I love the phone. It is like hooking up with a super fine chick then she is horrible in bed and you figure you can teach her what regular women can do alas you give up and cheat on her because she is a bimbo.
      I mean I don’t even ask that much other than syncing an effin playlist!!!! I can ignore you get everything late and apps are not usually as good as they are on other platforms, but I can’t sync playlist? I mean I’m like well windows phone 8 sync tool is still beta they will fix this in an update.. I mean who the hell releases a sync tool that can’t sync playlist? That is the point of one isn’t it?!?! I refuse to use a google device, but if apple releases that 4.7″ phone I’m gone..

      • Dante_luv

        MS is very slow compared to Google. Really and truly, Windows phone has no real edge over Android. I would expect windows 8 to sync with WP8 perfectly.
        I would expect MS has begun working on integrating windows phone, Xbox one and Kinect, like option to receive WP8 notification on Xbox one or sending notifications to WP8.

        • koenshaku

          Yeah the new MS has lost it.. Bill Gates your children have gone astray return to your seat plz. But seriously though MS is really out of touch when it comes to consumers then they are arrogant about it. Like when they finally made a freaking screen cap tool when they announced it they were like “a few users wanted this feature so here it is” at that point I started to see the guy on the mac ads that I loathed so much. all the while asking myself if this guy is serious.. Any person that uses a social app the first thing they ask is “how do you do a screen cap?” “Does windows phone have an app at least?”

          I mean most of this stuff I have turned a blind eye to for years MS needs to come out swinging full steam if they want their product to succeed like google for example as a company I find them awful and use their services as least as possible. That said at least they know to shamefully rip every good feature from their competitors and force droid devices down everyones throats so they can market your habits and privacy. MS yeah they have some original stuff kids corner cute, doesn’t help that even that gives the image of a bunch of executives satisfied with reading emails and answering the phone… Maybe in windows phone 9 I can sync an effin playlist then wp8 uses can look like this was the best thing since winamp him the market! My god MS…

        • Albert

          Anybody that purchased a windows phone here in Asia will never see integration with XBox One as Microsoft thinks this region is not important enough.

    • SuperSport1966

      Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I’ve been a Microsoft FanBoy since DOS. Now, I’m trying to figure out what direction I’m going. Will I move to Apple PC’s along with my iPhone6 running iOS7?
      iOS7, even if it has copied from others, has hit the nail on the head. I’ve used ALL the OS’s on Smartphones, and iOS has them all beat as far as usability. With the new iOS7 updates, it stomps the competition in all the other areas.
      Thank you Microsoft for talking me OUT of your Smartphones.

  • Dante_luv

    I have honestly given up on windows phone and Microsoft. Surface rt is worst gadget I have owned. Jumping ship from Xbox to ps4. After my L920 I might go anything Sony has. Sony has a good ecosystem that I like, phone, tablet, console and complimented with android.

    • Oliver

      You must’ve had a pretty consistently excellent list of gadgets then. The Surface RT is a joy for me to use. What makes it a bad gadget?

      • Dante_luv

        Going from ipad to surface rt is a step backward for lags and freezes up when I need it the most. I’m not even Worried about apps but surface is very sluggish. I restart it every morning before use.

        • Joe_HTH

          LOL! You have a bad unit then because I do not have these same experiences. My Surface RT is smooth and fast, especially after the updates.

          • Dante_luv


        • tropolite

          Dante_luv I suggest do a ‘Refresh your PC’ or a ‘Full reinstall’, then before installing all your apps update your RT with the updated firmware/updates, then install your apps. I saw this suggestion on another forum for laggy, problematic Surfaces (RT or Pro), so I did it with mine. It helped considerably, plus it wasn’t tough as the rebuilding in Win8 is much smarter than it has been in the past.
          Just a thought… :)

  • Duel

    Is there any good alternative skype client? Skype is way too heavy and shows annoying animated ads etc. Skype is one of my heaviest software for memory and its always on, so it would be much better to have very minimalistic light software instead power hungry skype.

  • efjay

    Been said before, if Microsoft themselves don’t consider WP as important as other platforms why would other companies?

  • Oliver

    I like to think it’s because they want WP users to experience a premium, bug free app. There is no reason for Blackberry to get this feature first other than being beta testers (and since WP was never a beta tester, it understandably wouldn’t come out alongside the other platforms). But what worries me is the quality of all the Windows Skype apps. They’re pretty bad (except the desktop one)…

  • Mark Matheson

    Although talking about the Xbox One I think Gametrailers Annoyed Gamer comments can be used with any product from MS right now…

  • D M


  • del_x

    Someone at Microsoft has some answering to do, this is unbelievable if the update for WP was not ready DO NOT RELEASE IT TO OTHERS.
    This is sending out the wrong signal.
    MS are you listening?

  • iLove2argue

    what the hell are you doing microsoft???

  • Orc

    People relax a little, maybe they are waiting for the GDR2 update? Myself is going to sit down enjoy the sun outside my house and have a cold beer and just wait for the update.

    • iLove2argue

      yeah maybe! and also maybe a special for windows phone! well! well! so many rumors about the updates. lets just see!

  • soder

    At least those NSA f*kkheads will need to open 1 more 10-acre datacenter to process all these new videomessages searching for “terrorists”.

  • blackhawk556

    @joebelfiore I say we all tweet this article to Joe. Belfiore is the big guy you want to talk to when discussing windows phone. I’m tweeting this article now.

  • ItsMyChoice

    may be something new features are coming or after gdr2 update ?

  • xma1e

    someone at MS should be sacked. whichever way you look at it,giving competitors an edge over your own products just wreaks of incompetence

  • LPHeadstrong

    So Blackberry gets an official Microsoft app before Windows Phone? All time low

  • grs_dev

    Microsoft is walking a fine line here. Make the Windows Phone version of the app just as feature loaded as the other platform apps, then you are not differentiating enough. Make it different and hit the market with it at the same time or ahead and you’ll get slapped with anti trust lawsuits left and right.
    In many ways, the Windows Phone team and the Skype team yes both belong to Microsoft but they’re really 2 different companies that are trying to collaborate. Just being owned by the same large parent company for a couple of years doesn’t magically make all the bureaucratic red tape and inter company politics just disappear.
    Maybe Microsoft can convince Sinofsky to come out of retirement and run its integration initiatives.
    Yammer, Skype, among other smaller acquisitions.

    Who knows.

  • SuperSport1966

    This just goes to show AGAIN how Microsoft treats WP as a Red-Headed Step Child. No atta-boy, no pat on the head, nothing extra. They’ll keep feeding it only because it’s a moral issue, but nothing extra. No dessert, no trips to the park, nothing. Just barely survive little guy! If it passes away, then it was all a simple misunderstanding.

    I personally cannot wait till iPhone 6 arrives with iOS7. Week after week, Microsoft talks me OUT of their phones.

    And to those who think Microsoft is actually worried about WP not doing well in the market. Bill Gates was just named the Richest Person in the WORLD. I don’t think he’s too worried about this afterthought called Windows Phone. And, with no children of his own, he’s only too willing to take care of all the OTHER children (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc…).

    • ITGuy

      Bill has 3 kids.

      • SuperSport1966

        Ah, my mistake, but the concept still applies.

    • Orc

      Skype message for wp will come out faster then iphone6.

      • SuperSport1966

        And Skype will work on it the FIRST day of release.

  • ustudio

    Microsoft maybe you should pay your self 100 grand to come up with a skype app for windows phone

    • SuperSport1966

      THAT was priceless!

  • tropolite

    Come on.. I don’t really understand all this griping about not getting Skype out of beta for other handsets and not WP. Now, on the other hand, if Skype isn’t fully baked into WP and fully integrated which is what MS have said will happen and promised, in GDR2, then I’d scratch my head. But until then

    • SuperSport1966

      Let them off the hook again… I’m tired of constantly letting things go because I love Microsoft. I’m getting a divorce. At the very least, a trial separation.

  • ekadoken

    Hope the cheap iphons really true

  • NGM123

    MS, your running out of toes to shoot off. No other way to cut it, this is a fkn ridiculous joke.