Sleep Study Tool Allows You To Know Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery During Sleep Mode

sleep study
Windows team blog yesterday posted a blog post about a new tool called
Sleep Study which will allow you to diagnose your Windows 8.1 system’s sleep activity. It shows you how well the system slept and how much activity it experienced during that time. While in the sleep state, the system is still doing some work, albeit at a lower frequency.

We thought of simply using traditional logging to do this, but ironically, the logging itself would drain the battery. With this in mind, we designed the Sleep Study tool to minimize its own impact on battery life, while tracking the battery draining activities.

The Sleep Study report

You can use Sleep Study to see which apps and devices are most active during a sleep session. Sleep Study reviews all the sleep sessions longer than 10 minutes and provides you with a report that color codes each session according to its power consumption.  A session is defined as the period from Screen Off to Screen On. In cases when the system is plugged into AC power, the policies are less stringent than when on battery power. While the tool still tracks connected standby activity on AC power, it is more useful to identify unexpected drains on battery, or DC power

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Read more about Sleep Study at Windows team blog.

  • soder

    This should be available on Windows Phone 8.x as well. The utility MS introduced to inform the owner about power consumption of running apps -the so called battery sense- is childish oversimplified stupid zero detailed tool. It does not give you exact metrics, just some stupid bars without numerical values and exact counters. But the bigger issue it doesnt count the system OS itself or the hardware modules (GSM radio, wifi, bluetooth, nfc, display etc. etc. etc) that can sometimes be more guilty for sudden battery overuse, than normal apps. The battery sense can only show apps, not the other 2 critical parts of the system, so in the everyday life its just useless. Think would be beneficial to spread this in the topics where MS is showcasing they have implemented a much requested feature to be in pair with android. No, they definitely arent on pair..