Some European Windows 8 tablet prices revealed in circular


European retailer Expert is ready to jump in on Windows 8, and has posted a giant circular, scanned by Windowsblogitalia, describing their new range of Windows 8 notebooks, ultrabooks, and tablets.

Of particular interest in the tablet section above, showing the cheapest Windows RT tablet, the Asus TF600T, costing 599 Euro, while adding 3G brings it up to 699 Euro.

Adding another 100 Euro will get you an x86 tablet, the ATOM powered Samsung ATIV smartPC, which fortunately comes with the full range of keyboard docks and pens.


Do our readers agree these RT tablets are a bit expensive? Let us know below.

  • the person

    $100 price difference for full blown Windows 8…..why even bother.

    • Ef Jay

      They are probably banking on people not knowing the difference and buying just in price alone. Guess this is the next big scam by retailers.

      • the person

        oh yes, because we really need Windows 8 to be known as the scam OS.

    • matttm7

      I don’t know where this 100 price difference came from. It looks more like a 200 difference. But full Windows 8 and a keyboard dock… seems reasonable. Except I wouldn’t want to pay 900 for an atom processor though.

  • noway

    Too expensive for RT. It should be 300E for wifi and 400E for 3g.

  • tN0

    Again: Windows 8 RT does not exist.

  • Hank

    Acer W510 is on preorder including keyboard dock for 499euro. look under Acer.

    • Bugbog

      Except it’s Acer. And although the design is nice, it still looks cheap.

  • Hank
  • Kehinde Akinremi

    They-re offering the Samsung ativ smart pc with 360 euros to spend in the windows store which would be an impossibility as they would be taking a massive loss on the device.