Some Users Facing “There are too many devices syncing with this account.” Error

Some Hotmail/ users are experiencing difficulties in syncing their accounts with Outlook 2013. When they try to sync their account using Exchange ActiveSync, “There are too many devices syncing with this account.  To sync using Outlook, try removing another device that is connected with this account such as a phone or another computer.” error message is shown to them.

Microsoft is taking individual account holders information and fixing this issue. Read their complete response below.

If you are experiencing the device limit error when connecting Outlook 2013 to your Hotmail,, or Windows Live accounts, please respond on this thread requesting assistance. Let us know the affected email account (Hotmail/ Microsoft account) as well.

Once we have your email account, we would be deleting the deltasych relationship of your email account with the devices you’ve attached to it. This would be done in the backend, however you will need to reconfigure your account on your devices. Of course, we’ll let you know once we’ve carried out the backend process.

In case you’d like to provide your account information in a private message, let us know and we’ll open a private message area for you to communicate with us.

Note: If you are experiencing the device limit error and you are not connecting to Hotmail please post to the respective forums:

Office 365,

Exchange or corporate accounts,

How can I prevent this error from occurring again?

You can make the following changes once we’ve fixed your account in the backend to prevent this error from happening again.

1. Change the # the of days for which you keep your devices synched with email (we recommend you synch 3 days of emails and not more than that)

· Go to Settings

· Mail , Contacts, Calendars

· Choose your account and tap on Mail Days to Sync

2. Try to remove folders from your Hotmail account or reduce the number of devices that were synced to your account.

Source: Microsoft Support

Thanks to Durban for the heads up.

  • Fred Szibdat

    I was completely fine this morning, now 3 of my 4 accounts get this bogus message, and no I’ve not added ANY new devices. A desktop, laptop and a phone.

  • Smity Smiter

    Wow, their solutions are what we laymen would call “shitty” !

  • Pi Joseph

    In my case, all of solutions from the response aren’t useful. Now I just use the oulook mail via web browser.

    • Chris

      How do I fix this error?

  • inyourbase

    I’ve always said Microsoft have nothing to fear from Apple and Google… because most times they are their own worst enemy.

  • hardcode

    I got this error since last few weeks. Glad the issue escalated!

  • hardcode

    I got this error since last few weeks. Glad the issue escalated!

  • hardcode

    I got this error since last few weeks. Glad the issue escalated!

  • laursaurus

    I’ve had my account reset twice according the mods in the forum. In addition to doing all the useless suggestions parroted above, I still get this message. It worked for about 30 min this morning after the latest “tweek” after several posts begging them to fix my account again. I want to cry!!!

  • Gökhan Ayal

    Having the same issue on my both outlook and hotmail accounts simultaneously, the issue has nothing to with multiple devices as I’m currently down to one device for usage, it’s really frustrating ..