Some Surface keyboards causing random sound muting, Microsoft offering an exchange

  • Oliver

    Glad it’s not just me. Replacement is already on its way!

  • kalval

    I was getting this yesterday but not today. Not sure what’s going on, but I think I’ll wait a couple of weeks and see what happens. I’m using it far too much at the moment to send it back.

    • Gavin Tom

      yeah I love the touch cover, but I did notice it happened once out of the blue yesterday, never noticed before. Not sending it back until it happens multiple times. Good job microsoft!

  • Wyn6

    Saw this issue a couple of times. Haven’t seen it in awhile. Plus, I exchanged the touch cover for another reason and haven’t seen it at all on the new one.

  • Bugbog

    Not sure whether this is even related. But when I connected my TC for the first time (7th Nov), I thereafter noticed that whilst I could access the Store, I wasn’t able to view My Apps, or access the app update page. It would just show the spinning circle. Multiple attempts over the next few hours yielded the same result

    On attempting to shutdown and reboot, it displayed the ‘preparing to update’ and then remained there for 10’s of minutes. I finally had to power shutdown.

    On reboot, it performed a system update, then everything was fine.

    So. Was this a TC/System issue, or was it a Store issue?

  • Nitesh Maharaj

    Apple would have ignored the issue, then denied it, then blamed you for holding it wrong, before admitting the screw up. Well done Microsoft!

  • NegLewis

    When a Windows Software/Hardware fails, I feel the need to reboot/restart it. and everything is OK again.

    When something from Apple fails… well … it’s gone.


    • Bugbog

      Rebooting does work! :)

  • XboxLuke

    I’m glad it’s not only me . But I doubt a replacement would solve this issue, I’ll try tho.

  • NarcoSleepy

    I haven’t had this issue, but I do have an annoying issue where, after the Surface comes back from sleep, the touch cover no longer works. I have to either restart or disconnect & reconnect the cover to get it to function again.

    Otherwise, I am rather pleased with it.

  • Falcon_CMH

    I bought a pink touch cover with my Surface on release day #23 in line. I had this exact problem my sound would randomly mute I first noticed it in my hearts game it happened all the time very frustrating. Then I decided the pink color bought for my daughter was not good for me when I used it so I returned the pink touch cover for a blue one. Now my sound has yet to mute but haven’t tried hearts or used it much yet. But now when I close the blue keyboard and re-open it, its always not detected, has to be removed then reattached to be recognized and work. Also on the pink keyboard the mouse would stop working properly and the keyboard needed removed and reattached to fix it. I think these touch keyboards work well if you get a good one while you use it but they all have issues that are very frustrating for a $120 device attachment to a $500 tablet. I am definitely frustrated and now know why MS wouldn’t let the press use the keyboards pre-release.

  • Philip Colmer

    Wanted to share some feedback I’ve received from Microsoft Surface Support. They are advising that going through the Refresh process should clear up the problem as it apparently removes some temporary files that may be causing the issue, but that hardware exchanges are still possible afterwards if that hasn’t helped.

    • Philip Colmer

      Well, the refresh hasn’t – unfortunately – made any difference. A shame as I didn’t want to be without the Touch Cover. Oh well, time to get a replacement ordered

  • Josh

    I went through the whole process and it says that it wanted me to box up my surface and any bundled accessories. I cancelled the form. surely theres a way for them to either sending me a new touch cover or me sending mine and then they send me a new one. I couldn’t get to that process.

    • Bugbog

      You should request a phone call back. (Works almost instantaneously). When you explain the issue, they should offer an Advanced replacement!

      They use your (on-file) details to secure against the sent out replacement, so if they don’t receive the old one back they’ll charge you for it. (Although the collection can/should take place at the same time as the new delivery!)