Some Touch Cover pre-orders being cancelled?

imageWe have had a tip from a reader that their pre-order for the Microsoft Surface Touch Cover has been cancelled in Canada.

Apparently others buyers have been similarly affected.

Of course one possibility is that the supply may be severely over subscribed, but Microsoft has also told the angry punters that a system error may be to blame.

Have any of our other readers been affected? Let us know below.

Thanks Jed for the tip.

  • trendless

    as a Canadian who pre-ordered, I have not seen any shipment notifications yet either, beyond the erroneous emails saying the ship date had been pushed back.

  • Diablo Sanchez

    My account was charged then reimbursed. Still no shipment notification. I think they are about to botch the launch…. :-/

  • alloam

    I just went to check my UK order (64GB Surface plus VGA adaptor) and it now says “Pre-Order 02/11/2012” where previously it had been 26/10/2012. I’ve had no email notification (barring the erroneous one of a week or so ago) of this change. Hmm, I wonder what is going on…

  • Tim Laubacher

    Mine still stays Order In Process… Which means they haven’t shipped it yet. How could they possibly get it to me by the 26th if they haven’t shipped it yet. I would of just gone to a store if I knew I wouldn’t have gotten it BY 10/26.

    • mrdeezus

      see above link.

  • GGlazer

    I had a hell of a time ordering it. The website crashed constantly trying to place the order and even their call center couldn’t place it as they had the same errors. (different browsers, different ISP, different machines, all the same errors) It took me almost a week of trying to order before it finally went through. And then it went through twice so I had to cancel one. Such a pain. No notice for shipping for me. But no message about the touch cover being cancelled either. I sure hope they get these out sooner rather than later. I’m rather excited now after reading all the reviews.

  • Agha

    Today the guy from MS toled me that due to huge demand they cant deliver my tablet on 26th, although it was marked as delivering until 26th when I place the order. It will be delivered at 30th or later. This really sucks!!!! Why did they advertise it as delivering at 26th when they are not capable of it???? But in Germany I’m used to “bad service everywhere” so I dont have any other options as to wait…I wish that guy from MS would just shut up, take my money and send me may surface….

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      and you will die for somedays not having the surface. rightt

  • mrdeezus
  • Mab664

    I pre-ordered right away: My surface is due Oct 26th but my Cyan Touch Cover is saying Oct. 29th. WTF?

  • Rallicat

    Brace yourselves for /not/ receiving your Surface on the 26th.
    Whilst in some regions, lucky buyers have already received notification that their pre-orders have been shipped already, in other regions the picture seems to be one of the Surface not actually being sent /until/ the 26th … meaning it likely won’t arrive until after the weekend, possibly not until Tuesday.
    Whilst I am confident that the actual /product/ will be excellent, the weak link here has been the ‘Microsoft Store’ experience. It’s abysmal, both the ordering process and the helpline. Stating front and centre ‘order now for delivery /by/ 26th October’ and then not even trying to meet that date (such as using guaranteed delivery services, which they aren’t here in the UK), just demonstrates how poorly they are handling this launch.
    If I was Steven Sinofsky (or indeed, anyone else working in the Surface team), I’d be pretty pissed at Microsoft’s head of retail right now!
    Still, a few extra days won’t hurt … just as long as it actually shows up!

  • alloam

    Oh dear, I am really lost now. I called MS this morning to see what was up with the changed date on my Surface order and the lady I spoke to said it was all just a technical mistake, it should come soon, but could not tell me when, saying that I would know before she did as I would receive an email to say it was on its way. As I had received no such email I said I had to assume it would not arrive tomorrow. Very disappointing when I had ordered on 16 October – she told me this should give my order priority status. I resigned myself to waiting.
    Ten minutes ago, however, I received an email to say my order had been cancelled, everything: both the 64GB Surface and VGA adaptor. What on earth? The email came through after the store phoneline shut down, of course. I went back to the MS store and sure enough it now says that this order has been cancelled, the reason given in the email is: ‘Other’. Anyone else experiencing something similar?
    I’m now pondering just getting a third party tablet… kinda sad, though.

    • Jed

      See your shipment can’t be late if it no longer exists. Great job Microsoft!

      • alloam

        That made me chuckle, cheers!

    • Luke


  • Luke

    Instead of any shipping information on my first-day preordered Surface I received a mail from Microsoft that my order was cancelled. Without any reason. The hotline didn’t know why either, they just told me many others were cancelled by “the system” as well and nobody seems to know why. Yeah, that weekend is ruined.

    The wait for a new order is at 3 weeks now but ordering doesn’t work anyway because they can’t process any credit-cards right now. Good job, almost got me excited there Microsoft!

  • keith

    Ordered surface on the 19th, then on the 23rd it said my order was cancelled just for the tablet but not for the type cover, vga adaptor, etc. called the store they said it was a system error and said my surface should be sent on the 26th. they havent been able to confirm a shipping reference for the tablet and nobody seems to know what is going on! today my type cover arrived but still not tablet….complete shambles, absolutely worst customer call centre i have ever experienced in my life!

  • Kevin

    My order was cancelled too! The hotline told me to order a surface again but I would have to wait up to three weeks!!! Microsoft sucks! LG from Germany