Sony Caught Lying to PS4 Users; Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Not Natively 1080p As Promised

Sony has had a very successful launch of the PS4.  Early adopters of the PS4 have touted native full 1080p gaming as one of the many promises and early advantages of Sony’s new console.

In a blog post last November Sony wrote in a blog post that Killzone Shadow fall features a “competitive multiplayer mode” that supports up to 24 players and “runs at native 1080p and 60 fps.” To put it nicely this isn’t quite true and gamers are furious.

In single player mode, Killzone Shadow Fall runs at a full 1080p. In multiplayer mode, however, the native resolution drops significantly in order to bump the frame rate from 30 fps to near 60 fps.

A brief explanation from CraveOnline:

Killzone: Shadow Fall outputs at 1080p in single-player and multiplayer, but it isn’t native. It uses a unique processing method that blends 960 x 1080 images together. Therefore, the 1080p advertised on the box isn’t inaccurate. Sony’s imprecise marketing is still valid, though.

Here’s an excerpt from a post titled “Shame On Sony For Lying To Consumers” by a gaming enthusiast on the blog Crappy Reviews:

As a gamer I have been on record saying I absolutely do not care about resolution one bit. That being said, deceiving an entire group of gamers is just about the most awful thing you can do to them. You might not like Microsoft and you may have disliked their original DRM plans, but at least they were up front with everyone right from the start. Sony has a terrible habit of lying over and over to their fan base and it’s hardly ever mentioned. I could go over a list dating back to the debacle that was Sony’s E3 2005, I could bring up how the PS3 was supposed to have dual HDMI’s and run every game at 1080p 60fps….but more importantly Sony’s slogan is “We’re for the gamers”. How in the world can you lie, cheat and steal from your fan base and have the nerve to say you serve them in any way?

Sony has yet to publicly comment and very few media outlets are reporting on the story.  If Microsoft had done this with the Xbox One you would now be reading about “RESOLUTION-GATE” on the Verge.

Source: BGR

  • Wayne Sebbens

    “Killzone: Shadow Fall outputs at 1080p in single-player and multiplayer, but it isn’t native. It uses a unique processing method that blends 960 x 1080 images together. Therefore, the 1080p advertised on the box isn’t inaccurate.”
    I was about to take issue with the fact that the definition of 1080p is 1920×1080 and just having the vertical part of the resolution be 1080 pixels high doesn’t make it 1080p.
    Then I realised what they’re talking about is similar to a technique that Crossfire and SLI use, where each GPU renders half the frame and the two halves are combined (except with Killzone on the PS4, it’s one GPU doing all the work, 960×1080 frames at 120fps to appear like 1920×1080 at 60fps).
    I’ll hand it to the Killzone dev, it’s clever.

    • BrandonLive

      I think you mean 960×1080 frames at 60fps. Not 120. They’re basically rendering 1080i.

      • Wayne Sebbens

        My bad, misread that it’s dropping from the 60fps in SP to 30fps in MP (rather than the other way around). The expectation that decreasing the frame size should allow you to render more each second probably played a part in my misreading too.

        Part of me wonders if any XBO devs have played around with this technique and how performs. The other part of me wonders if it’s even necessary given the hardware scaler and overlay in the Xbox One’s GPU.

        • Cruncher

          On Xbox One you would want to use the tiling technique. However tiling does not degrade resolution, it is just for utilization of eDRAM and was widely used for XBox 360 already.
          The basic principle is, that you partition a full frame into tiles. Say a 1920×1080 frame into 4 tiles a 960×540. Then you render the 4 tiles one after the other into eDRAM. Once a tile is finished you commit it to DRAM and start with the next tile.
          By using this technique you can utilize the eDRAM as it would have 4 times the size 32MByte->128MByte.
          Depending on how much eDRAM you need for your render targets, you can increase the number of tiles accordingly.

  • Andrew O.

    – Microsoft lies in their current Titanfall TV ad claiming that it’s on “Xbox One & PC only,” yet the 360 version is releasing later this month.

    – Microsoft lies about the Xbox One being a “next-gen” console, yet a majority of their multiplat games can’t display 1080p and run at 60fps.

    • lubba

      Then Sony shouldn’t be calling their system next Gen either! Commercial is for the launch.

    • Julien

      So Xbox One is a… previous-gen console? A current-gen console? Is there a definition in the dictionary that says what a next-gen is and does?

      • Blaze Blue

        Smart ass it would be called next generation until the 360 is finished off. Simple reply for simple people.

      • Prayaas

        Just out of curiosity, do I know you?

    • GG002

      Next gen CONSOLE. It does more than just games. If you want full HD and above, get a damn PC.

      • Asgard

        Haha yeah this I have been saying from the start to resolution idiots everywhere. If graphics is really important for you why you choose PS4 for 20% more graphics performance when you can buy a PC with 100% more graphics performance right now? And imagine the difference in a couple of years…

    • Johan Spånberg

      Butthurt much? They haven’t promised anything resolution-wise other than the console being able to output 1080p. Sony has gone on record about this game and promising 1080p output even though it’s not outputting 1080p.

    • BrandonLive

      Umm, TitanFall is launching only on Xbox One and PC. It comes to the 360 later. They aren’t lying.

      Given that the Xbox One has plenty of games running at 1080p + 60fps (I think more hitting 60fps than PS4 even), this is a particularly idiotic statement. Especially given that games in general look the same or sometimes better on the Xbox… (regardless of resolution)

      • billybot

        Who cares! PC is the ultimate platform for this game and I have PS4 for everything else! Tintan fall is a joke on the Xbone with all its Cloud computing rubbish.. bring it to PS4 and it would have run at a full 1080p 60fps..

        • steveo99

          right…more like 1080i at 30fps

    • Blaze Blue

      Really do you really care that it’s coming to 360. Just because 360 wasn’t mentioned does not mean that it was a lie and we are talking about Microsoft products here you are speaking as if they are trying to deceive people from not getting it, foolish thought’s that you put out. 360 version is not coming out the same time as the Xbox one and PC . It kills me to put simple things straight to simple minded people.

    • NGM123

      How R they lies FFS ?! A stupid blunder not announcing 360 as well, not a lie! And if the One is not next gen, how the hell is the POS 4 next gen when it has less functions and no additions to the PS 3!

  • L3Nix

    Too funny. Interesting how no one else is reporting this story.

    • Prayaas

      An example of typical anti-Microsoft bias in tech journalism.

  • carol argo

    Sound awfully like 1080i with temporal deinterlacing!the sad part is the lie !hopefully ms will look into the potential viability ,why?what changed?w8.1 use invariant tsc and I suspect if they do similar on xbox one ?it will probably fix 1080iold blurring complain.(to be tested)I feel sorry for Sony ,they had to lie to make 1080p happen ?just use 1080i gees .good job finding this !

  • carol argo

    Guys !get over it !optimal setting is 1080i with scrgb (aka ycbcr 4.2.0)or limited sRGB .no cheat needed a and permit almost PC quality at less then half usual resource needed

  • boohooboohooboo

    has the entire world forgotten the sony rootkit story? I’m amazed at the short-term memory of the internet collective.

    • Bugbog

      That was particularly filthy. One of the reasons I never install anyone’s ‘media players’ or multimedia software any longer!

    • Asgard

      And even more amazing is that it was MS who killed that DRM and also StarForce DRM and made it clear that those kinds of things are not tolerated ever. Both tampered Windows system files…

  • ZappyKins

    So I predict there might be another class action lawsuit coming.

  • rupz007

    Oh and Ryse was suppose to be what they showed at E3 and it was totally dumbed down for Xbones inferior hardware.BIG deal!! PS4 is awesome.. no need to brag M$hite

  • carol argo

    Sadly the of both console tried to outdo the other without regard to TV industry warning (1080i is max for the mass)network can only handle 1080p online in select area shaw with it gb /s and Google with its GB/s .want a hint ?go check twitch !most could stream smoothly in 1080i,but they would rather stream in 1080p and lower nitrate to 480p level !what red you got? 480p named 1080p.stupid move hell ya.

  • David M. H.

    Wow imagine that, a site dedicated to Microsoft news generating false furor over such a trivial thing. No matter what, the market has spoken already when it comes to XBone vs PS4; and they PS4 can still run circles around the over-priced XBone in the way of performance.

  • Dunimis

    Still, the PS4 can do more than the Xbox One in terms of graphics. Sorry guys, this is not that big a deal. PS4 currently can do more graphically than the Xbox one and has demonstrated that with some of the early games. Developers are admitting that their cross platform games will perform better on the PS4. This should tie up soon, but Sony is still ahead (at least in public eye). I am disappointed that once again, Sony was running a “technical” lie. But the PS4 is still doing a pretty good job at outperforming Xbox One. This is not enough to get people angry or upset at Sony.

    • NGM123

      Amazing that Sony can rape pillage and plunder for years, root kits, crazy over priced proprietary rubbish, continual market domination attempts- beta max, blu ray, uber expensive products that aren’t as good as dungsung, yet the blind fans keep buying the lies.
      MS makes one comment about nothing and there’s a riot in the streets.

      Plenty of bad on both sides at times, but Sony fans are truly blind zealots.

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        I like to look at the bigger picture, Sony is in a bit of trouble as a company there selling there HQ building. and have recorded losses 4 years running
        They are even considering selling it TV business in Tokyo.
        IMO Sony has jump into a lot of expensive products that didn’t work as well or sold as well as they predicted

    • arrow2010

      18 to 12 GPU compute units, I fail to see how MS can ever catch up due to the laws of physics.

      • Prayaas

        Microsoft will win due to laws of Biology. Human eyes can only see so much.

  • Damo

    Gamers furious????? Bull****! Who are these up in arms gamers???? This is a Microsoft propaganda article. Pure and simple.

  • aaaaaa

    omfg, this is the most biaised post i’ve ever seen… 1080p is falsely adertised on a lot of games since 360/ps3 era, and whereheas ps3 has some false 1080p false advertisement on it, pretty much EVERY GAME one 360 and xbox one falsely advertise it, becaused it’s “upscaled”. go buy a brain, dumbass

    • aaaaa

      doesn”t gears of wars, halo and every microcrap show 1080p on the back of the box? no? hard to hear the truth right

  • John Doe

    Holy shit. I just found the Microsoft fanboy lair. How many times has Microsoft been caught lying to everyone in the past year? 10? 20?

    Nearly everything in this article is false. You simply have no idea what you’re ping about. You’re trying to twist this just so you can cover up Microsoft’s faillings. This is pathetic and pure propaganda. You Microsoft fanboys have hit rock bottom and become very desperate.