Sony Claims That EA’s All Access Subscription On Xbox One Does Not Offer ‘Good Value’

EA yesterday announced that have partnered with Microsoft to deliver EA Access, an all-new monthly (or annual) membership for gamers exclusively on Xbox One. With this subscription which starts at  $4.99 a month, users can access a collection of EA’s biggest games on Xbox One ready for you to download and play. During the beta, gamers will have unlimited access to four great EA games: FIFA 14Madden NFL 25Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4, with more titles being added soon. Commenting on this new service, Sony has said that this service does not offer much value to customers. Sony spokesman said, “We evaluated the EA Access subscription offering and decided that it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect.”

“We don’t think asking our fans to pay an additional $5 a month for this EA-specific program represents good value to the PlayStation gamer.”

Sony is claiming that PSN signups are up over 200% and it shows that customers was one single subscription program that offers multiple services. What do you think of Sony’s reply?

Source: Game Informer

  • keithG

    I think PS plus sucks compared to this. Its a great price for gamers and is packed with additional incentives. I am losing faith in sony and the ps4 …looking to sell it and puckup xbox one.

    • John

      Why did you even buy PS4 at first place. From the moment both announced their new console we didn’t even blink or think for a second about buying PS4 or Xbox One. Xbox one anyway you think was, is and will be the winner and better console. Better sell it while still you can and upgrade to a better console and ecosystem. :)

      • keithG

        Foolish mistake based on internet lies and propaganda…headed to gamestop today to trade in for xbox one. Been very dissapointed with ps4.

        • John

          Congrts with your new Xbox One! :)

  • kenP

    Sony are you stupid ?!? Your Playstation now is a complete joke…horrible pricing for selected last gen games and xbox one also has Games with gold that matches Ps plus. I too have lost faith and am looking to go with xbox one.

  • gman778

    Fatastic work MS and EA ! This is a great value for xbox one fans. I will be picking up the $30 annual membership the day that it is available !

    • smith

      I read somewhere that it is $24.99 not $30!

      • gman778

        Love ut for $30….love it more for $25. Either is fantastic. Thx for the info.

  • X

    Sony is just being a d*ck

  • skruis

    Can’t say enough about this deal. I mean, especially for people who pay for annually updated titles from EA, this ‘subscription’ plan makes a lot of sense.

  • BFking

    Classless internet propaganda from sony ? Do we see Microsoft being quoted as saying that PS4s playstation now is worthless ? Looks like an awesome value to me and i am getting it on day one. Warning to sony…keep your classless internet propaganda off the internet….Classless companies go bankrupt !

    • Blaze Blue

      No they haven’t, what the f are you talking about. Microsoft has showed respect to Sony this whole time. Don’t get it twisted.

      • BFking

        That is exactly what i was saying…read my comment again.

        • Blaze Blue

          Then on my behalf my apologies, I missed read your words .

          • BFking

            No worries…enjoy the day my brother.

  • Blaze Blue

    I find it funny that Sony always have something to say. Instead of a company being professional and keeping their mouth shut, they come out and start talking out of their ass. From the beginning mocking Microsoft over and over again and now this. Humbleness is a key, you don’t jump up and down like a ass hole and act like you are winning. They can easily fall flat on their faces.

  • Stuart

    Not good value for Sony perhaps, great value for anyone who plays EA games

  • Brent Russell Rucker

    This is fantastic news, especially for those like myself who acquire the latest Battlefield game at every turn, if they enable syncing with the Origin PC client, game on! $4.99/mth for unlimited access sure beats going to Gamestop!

    Dear Sony, you are not the above end all of gaming destinations nor are you a software company. The sheer fact you allowed numerous peoples personally identifiable information to be hijacked, all because you thought running Linux on a PS would be COOL! Was it worth it? Do you not realize you come off with an aura of smugness comparable to the biggest Apple fan boy who flaunts anything with a fruit logo?

    Please stop wasting bandwidth and allowing your marketing department to take suggestions from unpaid interns and making idiotic PR “me too!” statements.

    Once DirectX 12 is released we will see a native increase of GPGPU capability of 30-50% across PC and Xbox. This is in part because of the ability of ALL CPU cores to control the GPU. I’m super interested in seeing how Sony will react to that.

    • Asgard

      Sorry but the deal doesn’t include new games on day one. Its just old titles and you just get small discounts from new games. Sony is right, its not as good deal as people currently think it is. But Sony is even more wrong than right, because obviously the gamers deserve to be able to make the choice what is good value and what is not. Maybe MS bought them out from the deal and they are just making excuses.

      • Forza4ever

        I have read every detail offered in EAs own press release regarding this subscription service. Make no mistake…it is a fantastic value…and one that i will purchase immediately on day 1. $30 dollars annually for a growing list of EA games in the vault plus 10% discounts on digital purchase and microtransactions plus 5-day early new game trials…nothing any ps4 owner in the world could say would convince me that its not a great value. With all due respect …you go back and play some indies and spend your life savings on playstation now since its such a great value.

  • David

    They are right. It doesn’t add any ‘Good Value’ to Sony and their Playstation. ;))

    • Ronnie6

      Yeah…you belong in sony camp. I say its a great value and ill stay right here with my xbox one.

      • Avatar Roku

        I think his joke went over your head.

      • David

        Okay. You stay there and I stay right here with my Day One Xbox One Edition! :)) 😉

  • Forza4ever

    Xbox one….better games..better features..better system..better company..better future. Great job Microsoft ! EA you are a class act…we welcome you as an xbox one partner. Purchasing my $30 annual membership on day 1 !

  • Lucas

    I’m already an EA Access user and I’m enjoying it thus far. I only had Peggle of those 4 games and it’s great value for me. Value is a consumer choice, when Access starts selling like hotcakes in Xbox One, them they will learn a little lesson about humbleness.

  • Forza4ever

    Wating to dtop my $30 for the annual ! Microsoft well done. When can we expect activision and ubisoft subscriptions ? Get em all…ps4 not going this way and wont turn back with their overpriced playstation now for worthless last gen and 20 year old titles. I bought a next gen system to play next gen games not 20 year old relics. Get activision and ubisoft and ill buy all 3 annually and save myself a ton of $ ! We all will. Extremely well done ! Xbox One is fantastic !


    Sony makes no sense. Why would you not want to give players more options.