Sony Copies Microsoft Again: PS4 Looks Exactly Like The Xbox One

Looks like the cool thing to do nowadays is to copy Microsoft.  First it was Apple with iOS7, now it is Sony with the PS4.  As the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Wonder why they decided not to show this at their original press conference to begin with.  Without any further rambling from me, here is the picture:






  • Smith

    I am surprised that they look this much similar. But I have to give it to Sony that give angels to design kind it make it look more modern and nice looking.

    Even though I think Xbox One looks good but maybe it is too much simple (Boxy) and Perhaps Sony did a better job.

    But what it matter is software and what it can do for you. I don’t remember the last time that I went very close to my Xbox 360 to see how it looks like and with all this in mind I will be Xbox One owner.

    But you have to give credit to Sony that they have slightly better outside looking console.

    • Viktor

      It looks drunken.

  • JohnCz

    Lol. If I didn’t know better, the same design house was used. Can you imagine the look on Sony’s marketing personnel when XBox One was first revealed last month. Perhaps its best that no one can claim having a leg up in the looks department. Better to focus on content and delivery. In that regard I think Microsoft has the lead.

  • V.A.N.

    Dude, the PS4 was introduced months ago. They just didn’t the show the housing. Also, the PS4 looks truly like a true evolutionary incarnation of previous Playstation models such as PS2 and PS3. If anyone is really copying anyone, it’s Xbox One to PS2, PS3, & now PS4.

    All in all, the Xbox One looks cool and very modern. However, the PS4 looks futuristic…very futuristic.


      And has no DRM, can trade used games, cheaper online services, more free stuff and works offline

      • Haymo

        Thanks for your input. I am pretty sure everyone is aware of this now. OMG WHAT IT WORKS OFFLINE??? Wow so I can have a PS4 that is pretty much useless if 90% of the features are online! I shit the bed

        • Bugbog

          Quite disingenuous of them! :) Works offline? When they are touting that their entire back catalogue of PS3 games will only stream to the PS4? How will that happen then? By magic?!

          For some reason, I get the feeling that those last few bullet point sheets were made up After the end of the MS presentation!

          Sony. The very name in “control!?” Always updating their firmware in order to make sure you can’t do anything with the PS3 box other than what they want you to do with it?

          Looking at one of the sheets (featuring the price), I noticed that the picture lacked the inclusion of their camera bar (or whatever the heck that was), which means they’ll likely state [later on] that the price is just for the basic set! An all inclusive one may yet match the XBOne!?

          All that said, it would seem that they’ll still come to the market later than Microsoft (at least by a month or so), which may possibly be crucial, at least for initial year-end sales!

          • Haymo

            I was describing this just now on another forum. Sony only announced the basic package on purpose to convert people. In the end they are going to pay the same though since who the F want’s the 500GB basic. I heard there are 3 different price ranges. I predict: $450 500GB with eyetoy. $499 1TB eyetoy.

          • Bugbog

            I do recall, now, that I heard [briefly] that there was going to be at least 3 different SKU’s for the PS4, whilst the XB1 has only the 1TB One!.

            Quite the reversal! :)

            That said, regardless of whether you agree with Microsoft’s direction or not, at least they have published documentation on practically everything regarding the XBox One. From pricing to sharing to date of release!

            Sony? not so much!

          • anon

            *250 Gig. Xbox has 250 gig.
            Thats great, if you didn’t have to install every blu ray game.

          • Bugbog

            Err..I believe you’re thinking of the 360?!
            The Xbox One will have 1TB!

          • TheGrimReaper

            You both are wrong!
            Check the microsoft conference in May
            They confirmed this: 500 gig
            PS4: Also 500 gig
            No extra versions are announced, however
            Microsoft confirmed: you CANT upgrade you HDD of the xbox one
            SOny confirmed: You can upgrade PS4 HDD up to 2 TB

          • no

            But MS confirmed you can use the USB 3.0 ports on the back for more memory. You are not limited to 2TB with the One. You have how much memory has you can find on a hard drive (currently, I think it’s 4TB).

          • dimnikar

            People who don’t need or want the camera, can buy the PS4 cheaper. Huge pricing advantage. This is a good thing for Sony.

          • dimnikar

            It’s better to have choice – buy without the camera for LESS money, or with for more. With Xbox One, you don’t get that choice. This is a huge advantage to Sony, pricing-wise.

      • Harddisk

        Of course it has DRM. Are you THAT stupid?

      • NGM123

        No DRM? Are you pissed?! This is Sony, the kings of DRM.

  • dude

    Hey ! I don’t want a biased fucking shitstinking Indian-stinky something something here !

  • ClixT

    Though I’m using a lot of MS products lately, I give it to Sony. Xbox’s design actually looks like a fat PS2..

  • Alejandro Machado R.

    I don’t think Sony copied MS. I think Sony went back with something kinda PS2’s form factor.

  • techied

    the authors on this website have serious confirmation bias issues…i like a lot of what MS does and even root for ’em now that they are underdogs in some areas…but I see little value in “fanboy” posts of this kind

  • Aritos

    This is the dumbest fucking article I have ever read

    • observer2121

      You must not read much.

    • koenshaku

      It is in the top 10 I agree and it doesn’t even deign replies like the xbox one copied the rectangle, because that is all it looks like. Like the receiver in my home theater system…

  • Shane Lee Mayer

    in all fairness, the design of a plastic box doesn’t matter much. Its all about what it can do on the inside. As long as its not ugly as shit and can sit on your entertainment system without clashing, is all that matters from a design perspective to me.


    Are you that retarded?

    Yes, they just redesigned whole box and internals in 1 month, get out

    • Bugbog

      I’m neither her nor there but, how can it be a ‘redesign’ if it was never shown previously? Additionally you might notice that the box held at the E3 conference was just a mock-up with no internals!

      • GetEdumated

        So they did ALL of the design in one month, then?

  • Bugbog

    Is it just me or does the PS4 look weird?! It’s angled And curved!

  • fili

    Actually if i remember correctly the ps2 slim was the original with this design so xbox copied and ps4 just did a throwback so this article is just crap

  • Nokia201377

    haha sony copied microsoft?? haha the best company in hardware design to copie from microsoft agfain haahaha.

    Ps4 looks sleek modern and futuristic and the xbox lokes tall heavy old like vcr or hdr

    • NGM123

      I’d like to see the photo you’ve been looking at.

  • Nokia201377

    alone Gaikai will in future so many worth all ps titles you love in the next 5years to play again

  • smity smiter

    yea. MS released XBOX a month ago(or less) and Sony copied it asap. Are you guys out of your mind? -_-

  • peehole

    Stuipid article. But the PS4 is ugly as shit.

  • Addikti

    Almost as if this was written by a 14-year-old.

    Both look as original as any set-top box introduced since the 90’s. Because we know the companies spend kazillions on market research, this must be what the people currently want.

    The games should provide enough of a distraction from the plastic itself.

  • Vic
    • TheGrimReaper

      Now THERE is a game console
      Great memories with this thing, mine still works
      Also like the design of the ps4, it’s kinda nice
      Wish o wish it was a top loader like the ps2 though

  • gdsogkp


  • Eingoluq

    I’m done with this site.
    The crappy design, the grammatical errors, poor research leading to misleading information and the ignorant fanboy post like this one. Microsoft fans need not the bad name.
    I’m out.

    • Sunny

      Bye bye, wont miss you though!

  • NGM123

    I’m a fan, but I gotta say it. I think the Xbox 24 hour compulsory internet connection=fail.

  • counterblow

    Sony didn’t copy the crappy DRM or price…and they are going to walk on Xbone.

  • vcfan

    I love all the fanboys who come to Microsoft sites. the Microsoft envy has you guys in jealous rages. you guys are just butthurt. enjoy your crappy products.

    • Fritzly

      But fear not….. Ms zealots are vigilant…..

    • gamer 234

      Microsoft xbox one had build a blue ray in it ? Funny because ps3 had one build first and no iam not just fan boy , but you seem like one ..

      • Ippoletta

        Nobody gives a fuck about blue ray. it’s only popular because it holds more space.

  • ddddd

    존나 졸렬하다…

  • R3LO

    Hey admin! Are you dumb? Do you really think that 1 month is enough to copy the design and manufacture a product like the PS4?
    I like Microsoft but it’s not a reason to be so fanboyish!

  • NotAFanBoy

    I suspect the reality is that both companies were so caught up in making a minimalist design that they ended up with almost the exact same shell. Simple is the style these days. Though the PS4 does look sort of like a love child of the PS2 Slim and the first PS3. The XBox really only carries over the logo and color of the 360 S

  • namikral

    1. They could have not copied it in a week
    2. how can they change all their years of work in one week?
    3. even though I ordered the xbox one, ps4 is much better looking…

  • Tumultus

    You guys really need to get your eyes checked! I understand your need for unique headlines and topics to write about but this ain’t even remotely true!

    XBOX One:


  • Xeph

    Wait what? All consoles are identical black or white boxes, saying that Sony copied Microsoft is like saying Microsoft copied Sony because the Xbox 360 is black like a PS2, this is retarded, give credit where credit is due, do you really think that Sony simply said “lets wait until the Xbox One is revealed and copy its design?”
    again no, there was not enough time for them to manufacture what they showed by the time the Xbox One was released, this is wrong and you should feel bad.

  • Eze

    Dear Suril, You must be daft. yours truly, 9 billion people on earth

  • bcrogan

    They didn’t copy MS. Ps4 looks exactly like PS2 slim.

  • Brian

    Ok u ppl stop with they copied this okay look at the difference xbox one is like a fcking box and ps4 looks like a blue ray player

  • J

    You sir, are an idiot. MS has been copying from SONY for ever. MS released XBOX360 in white, then all of a sudden they release a “slim” version that is matte and gloss black, just like the PS3. Now MS has BLURAY!!! and copies SONY again whit a matte and gloss black console.

    • Ippoletta

      The original Xbox was black you thick headed drone. why would they copy sony? who fucking copies everything Microsoft does. you’re to dumb too respond to.

  • TheCow

    its almost funny cos sony invented bluray tech, ms copied it… PS1 was made before xbox had a console…

    • Ippoletta

      No sony didnt, stop spreading BS. Lots of people backed up blueray. liar.

  • J
  • Deadlyapples

    Don’t you remember what the Xbox 360 used to look like and the PS3 used to look like?

    What Microsoft has done now is make THEIR console look like a playstation and SONY have made THEIR console look like an evolution of the PS3.

    So it is infact Microsoft that has copied sony in some ways…

    I wish people would stop hating on both consoles…

    They are both great and both have their positives and negatives.
    (some more than others *cough* *cough*)

  • Borat

    Incredibly insightful article, and incredible journalism to spot the fraudulent strategy of Sony…


  • Parts

    This website is just a fan boys rage fest. The PS4 looks better, runs faster and dosnt spy on you and tell you what to do with your games. And £350! I moved to pc to get away from XB and so glad now as my system will demolish any console and its got this great feature called “upgradeable” Not to mention no fee’s and cheaper games. Build a pc to your budget and go from there its more fun :)

  • Kevin

    This website is an absolute joke. Who gets paid to write this BS? And if anything, the new xbox looks more similar to the PS3 than the 360.

  • Techy

    what is really dumb is the author didnt pick up on the obvious plagerisims. I am really suprised no one has made this comparison before, but the PS4 to me seems to be nothing more than a higher spec Xbox 360.

    removable upgradable hard drive….Check

    Pay to play multiplayer…..Check

    Peer to Peer MP networking ….Check

    Netflix, Hulu, Music apps …Check

    all the PS4 is missing is a RROD

    where is the innovation and forward thinking? in using the Vita with the PS4? please they tried to do that with the PS and the old handheld.

    the Xbox one i think is the real innovative device this generation, with the scalability possibilities utilizing the cloud, and going completely digitial with being able to share trade and buy games completely online without going to an outside retailer

    Sure there is DRM protection, it was going to happen sooner or later but who cares? has DRM really stopped people from doing as they please anyway, ever? Has it stopped games from being pirated, music from being shared, or movies being free to watch on you home TV while still in theaters?

    Is DRM and a required internet connection all the PS fanboys can latch on to now that they cant howl that they get to play online free?
    Sony continues to be a step behind Sony, what i unfortunate is the fear and loathing innovative thinking gets from this market.
    This is why we get stuck with the same rehashed crap FPS game every single year to the day. The gaming community is afraid of innovation.

  • John

    The reason that they did not show the design was that they wanted to see the xbox one to copy it.

  • cg

    I thought Sony made video game consoles first…so who copied who?

  • Felix Uta

    Fuck you. Microsoft copied Sony:
    PS1 – no Xbox
    PS2- XBOX 1
    PS3- XBOX 360
    PS4 -Xbox one (weird name)

    And the design is inspired by the PS2 slims design, asshole.

    • Mr.Swishy

      The fuq Nintindo-Sega-Pong Dumbass

  • Thomas McBrearty

    Mind you that name of this website say’s it all…Lol

  • Up your ass!

    What the fuck?! Microsoft has been copying shit out of Sony! WOW! You guys are seriously retarded.

  • Jason Mendoza


  • Taylan Ozdemir

    fuck you mircosoft you copyed sony in everyway

    • Mr.Swishy

      Cool story bro

  • truth

    looks more like a ps2 to me.. this article is 100% conjecture

    • Emily the Strange

      and its a 2 months old article… move on.

  • Taylan Ozdemir

    Xbox one is going to be crap

  • Rob Rose

    There’s LITERALLY almost no way they could have had time to copy the design.

    It’s just a coincidence……. that both Xbox One & PS4 LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THE Wii!

    DUH, come on… no one gives the Wii credit even though its had much more mainstream success than either the 360 or the PS3. So they BOTH copied the Wii’s simplistic box design.

  • Leo Garcia

    poor guy here have a cookie…why dont u go suck gates d!ck while ur at it
    first of the ps4 looks way sexier than this piece of crap vhs
    second its more powerful
    third cheaper

    • Emily the Strange

      ehmm, do you know how the person from this site gets money from it? from non intelligent people like you who came and revive and old talk that is worthless. this is from the 1st Xbox 1 reveal and the Xbox has changed so much from that…. its stupid to keep talking about it.
      Im sure you never had a VCR and you keep following people like a monkey screaming it looks like that. please go and look a VCR and then come back and and delete that part from your post. really, stop saying what others say… that doesnt make you smarter or “cool”
      also, PS4 is not more powerful than Xbox one, when you understand this isnt like Nvidia vs AMD. Both consoles, dont run in the same OS, they dont even use the same APIs, since one would use Directx and the other OpenGL, etc etc.
      raw specifications dont translate to performace… so again, stop looking at the raw paper, and try to use your brain to try to understand that.
      and about cheaper, well you arent getting PS move or eye, with the console, while Xbox One is getting Kinect, you might have ever touched one, but its a good technology, in Xbox and Windows (and other OSs with hacks to make it work). its obvious it would be more expensive to bundle that, but if people use it, they would understand why Kinect is there incluided with Xbox One.
      try to use your brain next time. :)

  • Manuel

    ..Do you guys feel like this article was written by a 7 year old xbox fanboy? You know like when two little boys make up dumb things to show the other how great something is when its really not.

  • xbox one sucks

    lol playstation made the first consoles before u made the first xbox console after so u can say anything only u still licking sonys ass ps4 all the way and ms has to pay sony for blu ray licensing create your own one o yeah ms is just software not hardware

    • Ippoletta

      No, they have to pay Panasonic or anyone else who backed up bluray. what makes your dumbass think they went to sony?. sony doesn’t own blueray. you act as if sony dont have to pay up for using windows on their computers. idiot.

      • Texas

        Copying is the art in this industry, but I place my trust in a product that has more history and the manufacturer being more experienced. First console? Atari, Japan. 90s and the N64, PS1.. all Japanese. Xbox came around 01 or 02 and while it wasn’t exactly a copy of the PS2, the inspiration is there. A lot was learned from the ‘original’ consoles – Nintendo, PS1, etc. Have you ever heard of the Dreamcast let alone seen it’s controller? Then XBOX came up with the Achievement system and Sony followed suit. Who started the motion controllers – it was the wii. Everyone copies each other, it’s only the Chinese (Microsoft) joined the circus many generations late.

  • Joe

    Sony copied Microsoft’s console because Microsoft copied Sony’s console before they ever released one – because Sony copied Sega’s console who copied Nintendo’s console who copied Atari’s console.

    MS is dead. Deal with it fanboys. Windows 8? A joke. Windows phone? Look at the sales numbers. Can’t wait to see their last ‘successful’ brand take a nose dive and kill off the worthless company MS has become.

  • mr rite

    Then I guess ms copied sony with the oringal xbox when they went with dvd format. Then this gen with blu ray. N btw xbox has never won a generation, probably a reason for that

  • chris walker

    dude are you fuking retarded xbox was alreadt being made before ps4 then ps4 was starting to be made so thats pretty fuking obvios