Sony PlayStation Pre-Order Sales Ahead Of Xbox One On Amazon, Should Microsoft React?

Xbox One vs PS4

Microsoft and Sony has finally revealed most of the details on their next generation gaming consoles. While both Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 has almost identical specs, they differ in many other ways. Sony PlayStation 4 is now leading the pre-order sales over Xbox One in many Amazon websites around the world. There are many reason behind it. For example, the recently revealed details on Xbox One’s DRM, pricing and other details has take a hit at their pre-order sales.

There is a positive news for Microsoft, they can fix all the issues/misconceptions around the console right now.

1) 24 hours login requirement – Microsoft can easily change their decision to allow gamers to login once a week with other tweaks in policies.

2) Used games: Microsoft’s message that developers can opt-in/opt-out for used games restriction didn’t reach out to the consumers fully yet. Also Xbox One allows you to share games with upto 10 people and you can access your games from anywhere.

“In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers. Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends.

We designed Xbox One so game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers. Microsoft does not charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or consumers for enabling transfer of these games.”

3) Most important thing, Price! : Xbox 360 was $100 cheaper than Sony PS3 and now it’s the opposite. Xbox One costs $499 which includes Kinect 2.0 whereas Sony PS4 costs $399 without PS Eye accessory. PS Eye costs $59 separately. Since Xbox One is going on sale in November in 21 markets well before Sony PS4’s late December launch, I think Microsoft can adjust price and SKUs to better compete with Sony when needed.

Here are the list of Amazon stores compiled by @winobs,

via: Windows Observer

  • techieg

    Well, even though Kinect is integral for the full Xbox experience, MS should be smart and break them up and still arrive at the same price point. For example, XB1 by itself can be $399 while Kinect can be $100, and the current offering of bundling them together should be another SKU for $499.

    • Pookiewood

      The thing is kinect is REQUIRED. I’m not sure why MS chose to do that. They had a GREAT thing going with 360 but they may have screwed the pooch.

      • steveo99

        The was the problem with Kinect – that it was not required. Devs could not utilize it properly. Now that they know everyone has one, they can really create some awesome games with Kinect features. MS is thinking ahead, but of course the price could be cheaper maybe by taking a bigger hit on the system.

        • Pookiewood

          Yeah I see your point but what about people that just buy FPS games or Sports games? Many of them just want to use a controller. I’m a big Dance Central fan and have always felt that the ONE reason to own Kinect is for Dance Central. The only other 2 games I play are Borderlands and Gears of Wear because I haven’t been interested in more Kinect games, heck I’m only a fraction of the gamer overall from what I used to be. I welcome more Kinect games that wow me like DC I just don’t think FPS Only Frank down the street cares.

          • rjmlive

            Kinect 2.0 is at the very beginning of it’s life. Where they took Kinect 1.0 has been incredible, what developers are going to be able to do with Kinect 2.0 is almost certainly going to make people wish they had it. Every Xbox One game will technically be a Kinect game or at least have that option for the developer. I don’t even game at all, I just bought the Kinect 1.0 for the media controls and thinking they would add some of this type of functionality.. I am looking ahead and MS is clearly the ecosystem of the future.

      • blackjesus

        It’s pretty obvious why Kinect is required if you watch the reveal from last month. All the media center features are Kinect reliant. I think the difference in price is going to hurt them but the X-Bone is fundamentally different machine than the PS4. I’m just wondering if the killer app media functionality will sell a 500$ unit to people who aren’t going to use it mainly for games.

        • Pookiewood

          Oh I get that, I own the current iteration of it. From what I’ve experienced with the 360 and Kinect is that a controller works just fine. Don’t get me wrong I love Kinect, I own every Dance Central game + some DLC content and that is a staple game in my house. I just don’t think it should be forced on everyone. I truly get it but their should be options.

          • rjmlive

            You have the option not to use the Kinect. MS really hurt themselves with the Xbox 360 Arcade version with no harddrive so that really hampered a unified developer experience that had to accommodate systems that couldn’t save any content to the device. There will never be a Kinect-less version of Xbox One.

  • Mark Matheson

    MS should either lower the price of the console as is or remove Kinect and price them individually.
    The only other option is that since (similar to Steam) games are DRM locked – their prices should come down to PC prices and there should be regular publisher sales. That way the additional cost of the console is balanced by the relative cheapness of games.

    • rjmlive

      There will never be a Kinect-less version of Xbox One. Kinect is a part of the console of the future.

  • koenshaku

    Its just 24 hours though admittedly I almost preordered a PS4 last night after their conference too. Black Friday will be the real indicator of sales the kinnect is cool it was probably co-developed with the NSA just kidding. I mean really its an interesting console to watch just like the wii was at this point MS is making a bold move here much like Nintendo did with the wii. They are stepping out of the traditional console gamer ideas with always online DRM share your games digitally you don’t own jack console. Ok I am still joking then again the X1 is kind a joke anyway which is a shame really because I had high hopes for it…

  • shivapb80

    i do not think it is the price as much as the fact about restrictions on games exchange. you are brushing it aside by saying MS allows it – the problem is that the game developer has to allow the exchange. MS may allow it, but there is no incentive for game developers / publishers to allow it. this is the most anti-consumer thing MS could have done. and i hope they loose the console battle – that will teach all companies to not impose such draconian restrictions. not to mention region locking, either. i am a Windows Phone user – been one since Samsung focus days – and i also upgraded to Windows 8 on the very day it became available. this would have been my first gaming console – an XBox One. I am not a hardcore gamer so I do not see much use for PS4. But now, I am buying neither.

    • Pookiewood

      Wii-U when Zelda comes out. 😉

    • vpuik

      ‘MS may allow it, but there is no incentive for game developers / publishers to allow it.’
      Then I don’t see these developers writing for PS4 either. Remember, that Sony does not even allow this. They must have some incentive to still write for PS4.

      • shivapb80

        Sony allows exchange – did you not see the part where the two Sony execs exchange a video game? game developers will go where gamers are – it is the very reason why mobile apps are being developed for iOS / Android first.

        • Adam

          True, but then again. MS is giving publishers what they want in the end…and that is freedom to charge/do whatever they want. There is a level of respect between the console maker and the game developer here.

          Had MS forced a fee that generated additional $$ to the publishers, I think we would be in a very different situation right now. I could actually see Sony bowing down and doing this as well as the publishers would go to where they are getting the most return.

        • Iain Simpson

          Dev’s will go where each person that owns a consule will pay for the game. Dev’s wont want one PS4 user buying the game then allowing 100 of hisher friends to play it anytime they want. Get real all major 3rd party games on PS4 will have DRM

          • Dango man

            wrong again there talking about online passes on ps4 not DRM might want to read it again from a reliable source

          • Dango man

            and online passes is 10000 times better then what xbox is allowing. you should be happy

    • danimal777

      Why is everyone on the x1 hate bandwagon? Ps4 exec’s just misled everyone at e3 to cash in. Engadget just reported that drm free will only be for FIRST party games and ALL third party developers can choose to lock it similarly to what Microsoft is doing.

      • dango man

        Wrong publishers can still do 10 fees to playonline like EA did…but the ps4 will still be just like the ps3 thats what they said and what they want.

      • irish

        He stated that Sony’s policy on DRM and used games has not changed from their policies on the PS3.

        Unfortunately X1 can far from make that claim.

        Also unlike x1 the PS4 lacks the eco structure that x1 has bent over backwards to provide for DRM.

      • Zac Rollins

        Thank you…. Everyone heard NO FEE and made up there minds. Jack Tretton from sony even said in the interview with Game Trailers that companies can choose wether or not they want to enact some type of fee.

        • DuhDuhDuh

          Here’s the thing and the difference: If you DON’T have internet… you can get a used PS4 game from say your friend and NOT have to pay a fee to play offline… xbox since it’s always connected CAN/COULD/WOULD restricted offline play by making you pay that additional fee… that’s the “scary” and really “WTF, why would you do that MS” issue people are having…

    • rjmlive

      Physical media is going to be gone shortly. MS is accommodating the gaming ecosystem and infrastructure of the future. Log in on any Xbox One to access your games stored in the cloud. A Microsoft account will control all of this with single sign on. PS4 is going to make you login at least twice, once with your PS4 account, and then the,, etc.. accounts to run their games.

      There are going to be SO many pissed off PS4 owners who thought they were getting the platform with better options only to realize it’s going to be a mess. Sony is clinging to the old way of gaming media. If they ever do their streaming thing, that’s the only way they’ll keep up. In 2 years, we won’t be trading physical games other than for nostalgia purposes, everything is going to be cloud. I’m getting in with MS so I don’t have a jarring transition like so many others are going to want to make after it’s too late.

      I don’t game either, but I am really looking forward to the kinect 2.0 integration with all media and I may actually game on it because it is going to be amazing.

      • Charles Oxendine

        If physical media leaves so do the consoles. The ability to share and sell games is the ONLY advantage consoles have over PC. Take that away and then what? You have a mid line gaming PC with less functionality.

        and before you say PC gaming cost to much, I built my PC for less than $500 and I run current gen games 3x better than current gen consoles. Plus steam has ridiculous sales all the time when you can get nearly new games for $15. Or bundles and 4-5 games or more for around $40.

        By the time you factor in how much money you save on games and that most people are going to have a PC anyway then its cheaper than console gaming. Why not use the money you were going to use to buy a console and upgrade your PC instead? Of if your PC is old, use the money you were going to use to get a new PC and add the money you were going to use on a console and build a bad ass gaming rig that will play anything you throw at it.

        Not to mention PC in infinitely backwards compatible, has millions of mods so it makes games last longer and it has tons of “exclusives”. +better graphics +longer life +functionality +higher frame rates +higher resolution.

        And you can use it for school and work as well, can’t do that with a console.

      • Charles Oxendine

        Also, youre not a gamer and you are interested in their ” gaming console ” Obviously something is wrong here.

        Oh, and you can use xbox controller with 90% of games so don’t whine about mouse and keyboard. I’m pretty sure the kinect works with PC as well but who needs that, PC has had voice navigation for years, and skype lol.

      • Zac Rollins

        I love how everyone is quick to assume that gamers don’t want a physical copy of games anymore… I take pride in my 160+ game collection of Xbox 360 games. Not to mention PS1/PS2/PS3/Dreamcast/Sega/Master Sys/NES/SNES/Gamecube and so on. Not to mention this last generation of games have put out some of the best Limited Edition Packages for game.

        • rjmlive

          I used to take pride in my PC gaming shelf. I used to take pride in my DVD collection. I used to take pride in my current small BluRay collection (still do kinda) but now everything is digital. PS4 made a legacy next gen platform. If they don’t build a server farm on the scale of MS.. the writing is on the wall just as it is for PC gaming options not on Steam. That must be why Valve is so pissed at MS.. they must have seen this coming.. also why they wanted to make the steam box, to get into the livingroom. MS is building the future and of all people, Steam knows it.

          • ro lari

            digital downloads have been here for a while. The fact that I am now forced into this “technological upgrade” along with restrictions and mandatory check-ins (even though sh!t happens) and my games are rendered useless. This is what I am most pissed about.

            Second, to compare games to DVD’s is not even comparable. What happens if your all in one device cooks itself (similar to 360’s: RROD, Disc Read error, issues with the power cable, and/or etcetera)? You would compare a game collection and/or library (for those of us that have them) to a car collection. Yeah sure they use some [Actual] value but sentimentally they are priceless ..similar to those of a card collector, coin collector or any other type of person who assembles a collection. With the non-functionality of games offline you are not just limiting people here in america who may not have internet. That’s less than 35% of the world so MS has already crapped on +65% of the world population. Then add all of their policies, an eavesdropping ultimate spycam, along with the less than satisfying showcase at E3 (I’m not bashing MS I’ve been an xbox live customer for more than 10 years and sometimes with more than 1 account at a time). I mean I had a ps3 and a ps2 but they pale in comparison to the number of xbox 360s i have bought alone (I literally purchased and owned 11 Xbox 360’s…5 are broken in the closet now). Their solution to not having an internet is to buy an Xbox 360? This is the very concept and notion of elitism that we do not need in this country at this moment and Microsoft just threw a Nuke on the fire. I don’t know who you are It just feels like Microsoft has turned their backs on us (the common folk , their loyal consumer, and/or real gamers) so we are forced to do the same. #WasAnXboxFanBoy but now I’m #SwitchingtoPS4

    • Sebbs

      PS4’s used game scheme applies to discs only as well. Microsoft’s system allows both discs and downloaded games to be traded. Not to mention you get the downloaded game when you buy the disc, and so can download any disc you own onto a friend’s Xbox One. There’s nothing draconian about that, rather it’s leading the field a bit. We’re well and truly into the digital age, we no longer solely buy games on physical media. I’d say that not having to carry around the disc is rather great for us gamers once network speeds reach the point that game downloads take very little time.

  • leo lozano

    Has anybody considered that MS will most likely subsidize the XB1 with a 2 year commitment to XBLive, like it did with the 360?
    Buy it at 400 or 350 with 2yrs of live (which many many have) and it’s a steal and MS still gets it’s 500 at the end

    • Meekermoloko

      If they sell it for $350 with a 2 year Xbox Live commitment, then I’ll be an Xbox One buyer.

  • Pookiewood

    Sony will win this gen. (I’m an XBOX user and would never buy a PS)

    Price, video, browser and other services not behind a pay wall (Netflix pay for it and access it on the Wii-U without extra charge), no creepy check in (why would MS even go this route and flaunt it is beyond me), PS doesn’t require a device that is always listening, the used games thing rubs some people the wrong way and GDDR5 means something to some people.

    XBOX One advantages? Share Live membership, 2 free games a month (will this be forever? I think Sony offers this, even still back to my first point about the pay wall for other services).

    • shivapb80

      i agree. they were flaunting region-locking, 24 hour check-in, 30 days friends requirements etc as if those are features. MS lost all goodwill on the XBox One. The next war is now Sony’s to loose and not Microsoft’s – at least unless they reverse course but by then they may be late. Also the news that they are not launching in booming Asia at least into 2014, is another manifestation of their region locking policy.

      • nickcraze

        Why is it late? console has not even been release… kinda premature to make those claims.

        • steveo99

          Overreaction from web commenters that’s why. If ms wants to lower the price before launch, they can. Some PR talk along the lines of: “Due to the overwhelming number of preorders and to thank our gamers, we are reducing the price of Xbox One to $399.” You know it’s a lie, but who cares, they lowered the price. 😉
          There, MS, please feel free to use this rough draft. 😀

      • rjmlive

        There is no reverse course. People think they understand that PS4 and XB1 are opposite on this sharing and online scale. When physical media disappears, how are you going to share with your friends on a PS4… some system that’s going to be a terrible attempt to copy what MS is doing.

    • Smith

      When Xbox One is off it only listen to one command “Xbox On” and nothing else.

      People talking BS about Kinect privacy has no clue and just talking crap. But I do agree that they need to remove those restrictions and lower price by $50 to $00. or remove Kinect and sell it seperatly.
      If someone doesn’t have Kinect then they can’t use entertainment and voice commands or games for kinect. They way Xbox 360 works now. If they do own it then great they can use Xbox One on its fullest capabality.

      They should do something about it for sure.

  • steveo99

    The only significant detail is the price. Most casual users won’t know or care about DRM. They see the PS4 as cheaper and that’s it. They can either reduce the price, or throw in a game or two. They can’t remove Kinect from the pack either, as it’s a significant part of the system. Of course, I’ll be choosing the Xbox as I like the exclusives more.

    • Adam


    • Asgard

      To me XBOX looks better overall product anyway. It integrates with PC and phone, has Kinect that is clearly the best what any console can offer, has great set of exclusives and is actually Windows 8 inside which essentially means it is a very powerful app platform and even more powerful hardware platform. And we have to remember that XBOX won game development battle in the current gen consoles because it supported modified DX10 and because of PS3 was super expensive platform to develop.

    • Zac Rollins

      Halo myself…. I’ve read the books and love the games.


    Why would you buy XB1 even after a price drop and DRM removal? MSFT tried to screw you and it failed, now they want to be friends again? Screw them

    • efjay

      I see you’ve found your way here from wpcentral.

    • Peter

      Because We are not Sony Fanboy like you. We are Microsoft Fanboy.
      So even with this price and all those restriction still we buy Xbox One and not PS4.
      Have a good day! 😀

    • Iain Simpson

      you really have no clue do you, do you really think at the end of the day ps4 restrictions will be any different??? a quick firmware/software upgrade by sony 6 months after general release and all things have changed. All the stuff MS has already spoken about before you make your investment is covered. Sony hide everything in the fine print just to get the numbers up then kick you in the ass later.

  • Tom V.

    i think they should react. their policies are garbage. i want to actually OWN the next Halo game, like I do all the ones before it, and not just be allowed to play it. i won’t support the xbox as it stands.

  • donzebe

    Xbox One sales still going to beat PS4 sales.

    • SocalBrian

      Globally the 360 couldn’t even beat the PS3, and in that case the value proposition was much more favorable to Microsoft. The Xbone is in trouble.

      • steveo99

        As long as the games come I’m fine with that. I think most will be multiplatform titles anyway as development costs would be pretty high this next gen.

      • clay113

        Hasn’t Xbox 360 been leading in the sales charts for like a year or so? Are those numbers they release just for US sales?

        • SocalBrian

          Those numbers are US only.

  • efjay

    Microsoft has clearly miscalculated, and Sony is rightly being seen as the better console; after all if a game console makes it hard to play games why would a gamer buy it? There is only one clear reaction MS can make and that is to scrap ALL their mandated DRM and lower the price. If not I don’t see why anyone outside of Xbox fans would want to pay more to get less.

    • Iain Simpson

      MS wont remove and DRM as it the dev’s of these games that want it, all the games that will be available on both consules will have DRM, sony just said what everyone wanted to hear and hide everything else in the fine print. Now you maybe will understand why the xbox one has more exclusives and will continue to get more of the big title games than PS4


        good point

        • D

          “Now you maybe will understand why the xbox one has more exclusives and will continue to get more of the big title games than PS4”

          Erm… which big titles are you referring to exactly?? Since when has Xbox had better exclusives than Playstation… EVER???

          Let’s have this conversation in a year because I guarantee that you won’t see half of those X1 exclusives from E3 before then! SMFH

  • khingjay

    Everyone is talking about PS4 pre-orders but do people forget that Microsoft has released a new XBOX 360 that people can buy. So all the while Sony is waiting to sell their console Microsoft will be making money off another console and still making improvements on the Xbox One. Who knows policies do change!!!!

  • bricko

    Pretty simple, just warn any developer for the Xbox that if they dont allow resale of games on the secondary market…..we wont buy them to start with.

    • counterblow

      why should you need to do that in the first place, when the PS4 won’t have any such stupid activism requirements?

    • rjmlive

      So after all this media coverage, you think Microsoft won’t allow resale of games on the secondary market..

      Let me guess.. you sent your bank account information to somebody who came into a lot of diamond money too right?…

  • Awesomerrificus

    What intrigues me about the DRM check in is that means you will not have to have the game disc in the drive anymore. In all the demonstrations they are instantly switching from one game to another. Playing one while another is setting up an online match. I don’t see how else they could offer such functionality without offering developers some sort of checks and balance. I was blown away by the reveal and think this thing is going to be amazing in action. I would imagine that even if you don’t have internet you will still be able to use it as a traditional console with the disc in the drive. They just need to clarify.

    • Awesomerrificus

      just read the 24 hr check in story. Real world, will probably never have a negative effect on my experience, but i can totally understand people having a problem with the idea of it. definitely a gamble that may affect sales.
      as far as price, I think, with the Kinect, you’re getting your moneys worth.

  • Luis

    Initial sales don’t mean jack. It’s whoever is positioned for years to come and extend beyond games. That is MSFT at this point.

    • counterblow

      PS4 offers many of the services MSFT touts, without the paywall turnoff for casual users.

    • John

      Yes but look at PS3 online game. It is a ghost town! Xbox 360 has millions aonline and playing.


      Because many have Xbox 360. If this continue like this Then PS$ has lots of people online and customers and Xbox One online game will be ghost town because most people went with PS4.

      So if you wanna talk about for years to come then Microsft should act now. Lower price and remove those nonsense restrictions.

      Otherwise in initial sale and for years to come they gonna lose this generation and they can’t afford that!


      thats true these sony fans say microsoft lost the gaming console war? in one day they lost everything they are the stupidest fans of all.

  • Aaron Harstine

    it’s very simple how Microsoft can fix this with only two simple changes. cut the price only by $20-$25 the $499 price hits a mental purchase block with many people and this wouldn’t cut into profits too much. Next remove the DRM unless people are renting (could introduce downloadable game rentals) a game it should not have DRM once purchased, could also limit the amount of times a game can be resold in retail outlets to only be resold once, this will encourage people to buy new and not worry about selling afterwards while greatly increasing developer profits, consumers need a nudge to buy new the DRM shove puts up another mental block.
    These are easy changes implement and is a win win win, Microsoft wins, Consumers win, Developers win.

    • counterblow

      Developers? You mean that whore EA. No one wants this, not even the indie developers who want to get their games to as many people as possible. This is all because of profit mongering at EA and Activision.

      • Aaron Harstine

        EA and Activision are actually publishers not developers, but there is legitimate concern of real developers who do not receive any profit from used game, the games the have created. by limiting the number of resale’s consumers will be more likely to buy new and will not feel as pressured. it’s mental marketing through and through if you shove consumers you loose them if you don’t make secessions to partners you loose them, so you have to lightly nudge consumer and appease partners, as partners are other companies you can explain the complexities of the nudge to them while not having to make the average consumer think about it

    • arrow2010

      But $499 isn’t a mental block for iPads.

      • Aaron Harstine

        true but that’s another market segment and another company which includes a completely different marketing rule-book

  • counterblow

    The one thing a LOT of people are missing here is the Gamestop/Gamefly factor. Which system do you think the lazy fucks at GS are going to support? The one that makes them do the least amount of work to buy and sell used games. And GameFly will now throw 100% of their support behind the PS4. Microsoft is fucked, fucked, fucked.

    • steveo99
    • rjmlive

      Sony and GS are screwed. They are dependent on physical media.


      Xbox One and the future of all media and gaming is going to be delivered by cloud.

      This is the last hurah for GS. The last grasp for Sony. MS is building the platform of the future. The more and more I hear about how people have already decided to go Sony based on terrible logic and very temporary thinking, the less and less I feel sorry for them.. but I do feel sorry for them.

      If you live in the arctic and you absolutely need next gen gaming capabilities and/or you can’t afford the $100, then yeah, the PS4 is probably a suitable system for you. If you’re serious about gaming, serious about spending less money by not having to switch ecosystems in the future and be able to play all the next gen games you are going to invest in, then as a gamer, you may really need to take a moment to understand what’s actually going on here.

  • grim

    this war is over unless M$ can remove this obstetrical permanently there is nothing we will talk about it the price tag isn’t the problem the problem those who well barrow your games must be your friends for at least 30 days??? and region lock ????

  • zakaweb

    I hope that MS will not be hard headed about this. As much as I personally like the XBox1 I believe they need to listen to this outcry. They need to make some changes and they need to better communicate the innovations.

  • redtidal

    It probably means very a little in the long run. Consider XB360 only take over as the top seller consistently in recent years.

    Right down to it, for gamers, game play will ultimate be the more important thing. And it seems at least for now, PS4 has some advantages.

    Microsoft is placing XB1 to compete in several fronts: game with PS4, living room with Apple TV, Google Play, Roku, and a slew of smaller players.

    It is going to be a tough war. MS has pieces in place, just hasn’t yet to have the right hardware to match the right software to match the right UX.

    • arrow2010

      I don’t see how MS can compete in the living room with boxes that sell for $99.

      • FLUDzilla

        they’re already competing with the 360

  • steveo99
    • Iain Simpson

      just on 1st party games there will be no drm, confirmed earlier by sony usa, but you can bet for sure most 3rd party games will have drm that ties it to your account or consule, really no different than what MS came out front with.

  • clay113

    The price to me is not a big deal. Considering all it does I think that’s a fair price. Sure 399 would be better, however 499 isn’t outrageous. What they need to change is the sign in feature, DRM used game policy. I know this is only being pushed because of game devs and I’m still shocked as to how Game devs are pushing for MS to do it and not Sony. However if Sony is taking the we won’t enforce it, we’ll let game devs do route, then MS needs to do the tame thing.

  • Vagabond

    Microsoft has the better exclusives, so far, but they’re really losing the mindshare battle worldwide and even in their home territory. Theres negative WoM spreading about the X1 about as fast as the positive WoM the PS4 is receiving. People are looking at the superficial (50%+ less powerful, mandatory DRM, required Kinect, $100 higher price, High paywall, etc) when making a purchase decision.

    • Iain Simpson

      when it comes down to it, the xbox one will play games better than the faster ps4, MS know a thing or two about proper optimisation.

  • Emily the Strange

    well that will obviously happen until consoles are released and people will see how DRM will work in sony, which might be worse than Xbox one!
    its obvious only sony studio games wont have any drm, but 3rd party publishers will love to do it, they want money, they work for money, they publish games for money… how many companies have had problems in the past few years and they dont exist anymore? so yeah, they would wnat to protect their games and try to get as much money as they can.
    that “ps4 doesnt have drm because sony said it” its BS! its just a way to not say directly they will have DRM because “it will be up to publishers” but it might be worse than Xbox one!
    so yeah, this might be like this now, but when consoles are released people will see there wont be much difference. and in fact it would be an inferior console compared to Xbox one becuase it does less! I would rather have skype and twitch and better exclusives like KI than a console that focused in bad games and talking about competition to win some silly customers. that believe everything they say, if it was a roses garden and there wont ever be drm in sony side.

    • steveo99

      Just had to post it as it’s too funny:
      So Sony comes out worse off as liars now. MS at least came out and told everyone the truth.

      • Iain Simpson

        yes MS was brave enough to tell it like it is and how things are gonna be, sony just spoke crap and those fans will get hit with the shock after release.

      • jordan

        perhaps check out the update and notice it is like everyone thought. It stays the same as it was on the PS3. Leaving discretion to third-party meant online passes, just like it was on the PS3. Stop assuming and get info from resources that aren’t real, aka, your disconnected logic. Stop supporting a system based on loyalty to a company. They don’t care about you.

    • V

      Its a bit different. X1 will have all games, even from non EA/Actiblizz publishers, require DRM. PS4 will probably have only a couple other pubs outside EA/Actiblizz do it unless it turns out to be a successful tactic. Not a majority of pubs, as many of the major ones were even vocally critical of DRM

      • steveo99

        It’s more or less the same situation. Except, MS is saying, here are the tools, you can use it if you want. Whereas Sony is giving them a blank canvas to write their own DRM tools. Sony pretty much did a sneaky one – they didn’t third party devs on stage.

        • V

          Not really. Sony isn’t tying the games per disc to any account. Microsoft ties every game disc played to an account. This is a hardware/firmware level change and can’t easily be tacked on or removed later. You don’t need the internet connectivity to reactivate the game on first load and every 24h. It’s more mandatory, not an optional tool for MS.

          • Iain Simpson

            Sony Devs will just add so they game is only payable on 1 consule, so how is that any different?

      • Iain Simpson

        oh I see lots of these devs being happy for 1 person to purchase their game and then let 600 of people play from the same disc, are you fucking kidding me, devs will be all over DRM on the ps4.


          lol true

  • David

    YES! YES! AND YES! They Should!

    For God sake this is a game console. People buy it for games at first place.

    Lower Price to $399 or $449 and remove this non-sense connection to internet once every 24 hours and Kinect connection. In this economy every $ counts for people. Microsft might lose some money on Console but in long term they will make more money with mre customers.

    They already see this with PS3 and Xbox 360 situation. More Customer better!

    Microsoft wants to make it also the center of entertainments? Great idea and I love it but not with requirements like that. Let people chose how to use their console.

    So yes they should react and fast before damage is done.

  • vcfan

    this doesn’t work that way. the best seller list is updated hourly,and gives a snapshot of the last 24 hours only. it also doesn’t rank just based on all sales. theres an algorithm,and if say you sold 50 in the last hour, vs the other guy selling 60,but his was spread in the last 2-3 hours, the guy with 50 will rank higher. you guys really need to read the amazon FAQ. Plus amazon even said the xbox one sold out on amazon in the 4 hours after xbox one e3 presentation.

  • Screw Google

    MS is not going to win anything if the price is more expensive AND there is a used-game restriction. Looking at a bargain-hunters’s forum, I see that tons of people are buying the PS4. In that same forum, not only are they not interested in buying the Xbox One, they are already trashing it.

    I don’t think Microsoft is that dumb in not noticing this would happen. Hopefully because of the restrictions & higher price, Microsoft and the software publishers have agreed to have games less costly as compared to the PS4. Assuming that this is their thinking (I know it might me a stretch), what price difference between games would make people consider the Xbox One instead of a PS4?

  • Abraham Soto

    I have been an Xbox fan since the beginning, but MS just screw everything, the DRM imposed means that I cannot longer share my games with my friend and family, Sony conference just prove that MS was not under the pressure of the publishers to make that move and they made it just purely on GREED. I will Be an EX-Xboxer.

    • Emily the Strange

      ehmm you can share your games… maybe you would try to inform yourself first? even Xbox live accoutn can now be “shared” since gold features can be used by silcver accounts.

      and do you think DRM wont be in PS4? you are really dreaming :) only if you play first party games, thats the only way you can be sure you wont have drm. but about 3rd party games, well… im sure you will get drm.

      • Abraham Soto

        This is how you share games on the PS4.. Compare that to MS system!!

        • Emily the Strange

          yeah until publishers put a DRM system that will be tied to your PSN account and/or whatever system they want use and wont let you do that. or not without paying a fee like has happened to get a new code or something. do you even understand publishers are free to put whatever drm system they want to? and just like on PC is hard to find a game with no DRM, i cant imagine they having games for Xbox one with drm and no drm for ps4.
          again you are dreaming if you think 3rd party games wont have DRM and will let you share your games and resell them freely.

        • Iain Simpson

          that will only work on 1st party games, 3rd party games you don’t stand a chance in hell of sharing anything.

  • Adrian

    Microsoft need to eat their license fee for games, making them cheaper. Cut all games to $29.99 to 39.99 for a entire year and call it a day

  • Richard Reekie

    Although the Xbox is $100 dollars more that includes the kinect 2, The PS4 at $350 does not include the new PS Eye which itself is $60. If you include the Eyes price with the PS4 Console price which is the real comparable price it is actual $460 vs $500 a $40 dollar gap and personally i’d pay that for the additional Xbox all in one multimedia features!

    • John Norris

      That may be true, but I personally don’t want a camera at all. In reality it’s still $100.00 for people like myself, and their are a lot of us.

  • Abraham Soto
    • Iain Simpson

      yeah I would love to see you try that after the ps4 has been released with any 3rd party game.

  • NGM123

    Biggest problem they have is the always on issue. For so many people that is just rubbish, the potential for brand damage as a consequence is huge.

  • Fuck

    Take awawy the stupid camera a used game policies and they should have a chance to compete.

    • Smith

      By camera you mean Kinect and actually many likes and wnat Kinect. Game policies you have to look and read more into it and just saying it is bad even though I garee some part of it is not good and they have to change it. BUT again wait and see that Sony how will cheat people with this DRM. After all Sony is the master of all DRM crap. Search motre and you will find that Sony has same DRM. they are saying we don’t and up to developer (for example EA) and you think EA will say no? Of course EA will implement DRM on PS$ games too. What is worse is you end up with so many different and messy DRM from different companies on PS4.

  • gundamsnipe

    MS has forgotten a major part with the online check in. It is not just a check in. You will have to be to play a major portion of their games anyhow because they are backing up their system with the cloud computing. So regardless of 24 hour check in you will have to be connect all the time for most major games. As a person in the military this is difficult to do when you are on a ship or stationed overseas without internet.

    • rjmlive

      Yeah full offline gaming is difficult for that kind of situation. It’s terrible to say, but just like Steam is really only for an online market, so is the Xbox One. I think when they have to choose a direction for their next gen device, they had to think of the bigger ecosystem. That said, they need to open up to as many markets as possible.. one’s with broadband and / or stable internet at least.

      Other than your scenario, if you have money for a 400 – 500 gaming machine, but no access to internet, your not the market best suited for a cloud powered next gen gaming experience not much unlike Steam for PC. Xbox 360 or PS2,3,4 are your best options.

  • NGM123

    Damn straight they should. Price match and kick that 24 log on to the curb where it belongs. Monthly yes, weekly maybe, but daily they can get fucked !

    • rjmlive

      A lot of gamers can complete most games in a day, marathon gaming or not. Game licences will be linked to Xbox account. This may solve the problem of stolen or copied games completely in one move. It also gives proper support to developers and perfectly captures the proper resale market.

      What were you trying to avoid with 24 hour check in? MS is trying to protect your investment in the games on their platform.

  • Gamer

    Why the hell should we get this piece of shit. Honestly, we shouldn’t have to go through retailers just to trade our property with a friend. If Microsoft wants a fair chance to compete this time around they need to do away with the 24 hours login requirement entirely and their pitiful used game policy.

  • prepaid master card

    Microsoft does not charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or consumers for enabling transfer of these games.

  • Red Flame Fox

    Finally Gaybox is going down, I can’t wait to see Sony getting the gaming back to greatness