Sony PS3 Beats Microsoft Xbox In Netflix Viewing Hours, But Does It Matter?


Netflix today announced that Sony PS3 has emerged as their top platform for streaming videos. This comes as a surprise for many because Microsoft Xbox is always known for its entertainment hub nature and still PS3 beats Xbox in Netflix streaming hours.

“PS3 is our largest TV-connected platform in terms of Netflix viewing, and this year, at times, even surpassed the PC in hours of Netflix enjoyment to become our No. 1 platform overall,” said Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings. “PS3 is a natural fit for Netflix in terms of developing and first deploying our most advanced features. We can transparently update our application with new features on a daily basis, and through the free PlayStation Network, people around the world can sign up for Netflix directly from their PS3.”

But does it matter? I think the reason Netflix streaming hours on PS3 is higher than Xbox 360 because of the limited availability of video apps on PS3. Xbox 360 has almost all the major streaming apps on its platform while PS3 lacks them, leading to their users to use the available apps more.

What do you think?

Source: Netflix

  • Babse

    If we are going to speculate about a reason why PS3 gets more viewers, I think it was in the statement from Netflix;”through the FREE PlayStation Network, people around the world can sign up for Netflix directly from their PS3″. Unlike Xbox where you have to sign up for Xbox LIVE (which costs money) for access to netflix.

    • the person

      Yes, and hackers have free access to your PS3 credentials too. You get what you pay for.

    • Avatar Roku

      This is a perfect example of why Xbox Live is not free and there are ads on Xbox. How does Sony benefit from people using the PS3 for Netflix instead of video games? Given the ubiquity of Netflix on every device known to man it isn’t really a selling point for hardware. If people are going to use an Xbox to watch Netflix at least Microsoft is making some money off of it. This story is great news for Netflix and terrible news for Sony. I think Microsoft should buy Netflix and enjoy the free ride on Sony consoles.

    • JerkFace

      I use my Wii to stream Netflix because I’m not paying another subscription fee to Microsoft on top of my subscription to Netflix on top of my subscription to Comcast (subscriptception!). $120/ year for Netflix and YouTube- things that I can do on my computer for free and costs MS nothing to offer? Screw you!

      • Joe_HTH

        Knock yourself out. The Wii’s online network is a joke. Personally, I pay about $30/month for Xbox Live. I waste more money than that week. Xbox Live is easily worth the subscription fee.

    • PhilVoid

      Or, another speculation that you excluded. Xbox offers much more than Netflix. It’s search for movies/videos results in a multitude of possible apps that you have available to play back the movie/video, and many times they are available on Hulu Plus, or Xbox Video, or Vudu, or CinemaNow, or Dailymotion, or YouTube, or VEVO, or EPIX, or ESPN, or Crackle, or HBO Go, or Comcast Infinity, or SyFy, or TMZ, or Verizon FiOS. You see why maybe now Netflix isn’t as popular. It’s called choice and the truth is in the percentages. Someday, you’ll get it.

    • J A

      Yes, it makes no sense to pay for Xbox Live before or can access other services one has already paid for but on he other hand how then does MS make money? Do they charge those companies for delivering services via Xbox? Someone has to pay for it to continue to deliver value, which we can all attest to the fact that Xbox Live experience surpasses the free PS Network.

  • the person

    This is highly ironic since the PS3 has Blu_ray and the Xbox doesn’t…I guess that compelling feature is junk too.

    • Pookiewood

      Gaming sir.

    • PhilVoid

      yah, cuz blu ray players are so expensive… and people still use them. /s

  • Jonny Rose

    I have an Xbox and PS3, I used my PS3 mostly for Netflix, simply because the image quality was better on the PS3, it looked terrible when it launched on the Xbox the blacks were a light grey, and I just kepts using it on the PS3 because I had got used to it, I have only just started using the Xbox one again, and it seems the colours are fixed now.

  • wolfcda

    Not really a surprise to me; Microsoft’s choice to restrict access to a paid service like Netflix to XBox Gold subscribers only is frustrating. Remove that restriction – or at least make “Gold” status cheaper – and I’m sure you’ll see Netflix viewing hours on XBox jump right up.

    I never play online multiplayer games, so Gold status doesn’t benefit me really except for access to YouTube and Netflix… both things I can do for free on PS3, so why should I pay $60+/yr extra? (Cloud Storage doesn’t benefit me much, not does early access to demos…)

  • textomatic

    Netflix is more popular on the PS3 because it’s free unlike the X-box where you have to pay to be a Gold member in order to be able to watch it. I really do believe that charging for Xbox Live is going to bight Microsoft in the ass in the next console wars. They really need to reevaluate what they are charging for. It’s no longer 2007 and Microsoft’s competitors now offer equal services to Xbox Live for free.

    • PhilVoid

      Not really ‘equal’. For instance, my password and info hasn’t been shared to the world.

      • TWizz

        So you think.

        • PhilVoid

          Good point. Why tempt fate.

  • José Villaró

    mmm well, your making an article asking if something that supposedly doesn’t matter, matter. So I guess it does matter. It does, because Microsoft and “we” consider our Xbox’s as the best media centerpiece. But I would think that if we would have to look for a reason for this it’s because on the Xbox you need to have an active Xbox Live Gold account to use Netflix (and it’s subscription) and on the PS3 you only need the subscription.

  • Dig The Noise

    Cool … so PS3 owners watch a lot of TV.

  • Meekermoloko

    I use Roku for my Netflix. It uses far less electricity than the Xbox and doesn’t cost me extra money to use the app. Xbox Live Gold members should be for multiplayer, early game demos, and discounts on game titles… not for apps that others give out for free.

    This is the number one reason why I won’t recommend an Xbox to people for their video entertainment.

  • MoeHD7

    No Surprise here… Xbox needs to let go of the Xbox live gold requirement (at least for Netflix ) if they want the Xbox 360 to be used more when watching Netflix

    • auziez

      I disagree, I like paying the bill… because I like what It gives.
      it gives regular updates to the dashboard. It gives regular, and premium apps in the marketplace. It gives a superior online gaming system. It gives the platform better exclusives, and allows it to get more games. It gives more security so all your credit cards and info isn’t stolen. All in all, I pay 25ish a year for gold family, not a bad deal.

      • PhilVoid

        So true. What this Netflix based article doesn’t mention is the sheer amount of apps the Xbox offers as alternatives to Netflix. Maybe because PS3 users don’t even have more than a few choices for streaming video services? Or a voice driven search for movies, with results showing up for Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Xbox Video. If all you have is a hammer…

        • auziez

          Oh and I completely forgot rewards. You get money back on purchases as well as getting money for getting achievements. Also, did they seem to be sending me free stuff now randomly lol. Never would have happened on ps3. psn.
          And as for the ps3, well… yah, the users are deprived and that’s the only thing they can do pretty much. /jk

          • MoeHD7

            I completely agree with you 110% I have and love Xbox live gold and
            everything it delivers… but my point is when I recommend a game system
            to friends and family( Who are not gamers) they want to watch Netflix
            unfortunately I have to drive them to ps3 or Wii cause it only requires
            the Netflix Fee to get up and running…So I know first hand xbox would
            get more xboxs in the living room if they allow silver member to uses
            Netflixs..If Microsoft want to get more business they need to eliminate some of the advantages of
            getting a Wii or PS3 Like Free Netflix and Free Internet explore…I
            understand Multi player is better on Xbox Gold (cross game chat, ect)
            then PSN therefore I understand what I’m paying forand I don’t mind the bill.

  • Pookiewood

    I’d image the Wii would be ahead of the XBOX as well. Put up a pay wall for a service you already pay for? DUMB!

    • PhilVoid

      Why do you image [sic] the Wii “would be ahead of the Xbox as well.” ? Just guessing?

      • Pookiewood

        Because of the pay wall to access Netflix on the XBOX and I could be wrong but doesn’t the Wii have a bigger install base? I know the XBOX has been winning as of late.

  • pdexter

    No surprise there. PS3 can stream Netflic in higher quality than Xbox and the app is superior.. and you don’t need to pay for it.
    Lets remember that outside of USA, in Canada and Europe PS3 is selling more than Xbox.

    • PhilVoid

      “PS3 can stream Netflic [sic] in higher quality than Xbox”
      Citation needed.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    But isn’t that because Xbox has more video features to choose from, where PS3 has near to none so people have to use Netflix only?

  • Spineless

    I would think that another reason would be because the Xbox Netflix app is horrible. Trying to watch a TV show is an exercise in frustration. The user should be able to select the episode to watch before the app just starts playing “the next episode”. So I’ll start to use my Xbox for watching Netflix as soon as the app is fixed, until then, I’ll continue to use my Win 8 Media PC.