Sony PS4 Terms: You must not resell either Disc-based Software or Software Downloads


Last night, there were lots of tweets about Sony’s updated PS4 usage terms. People referred the below point listed there on Sony’s website.

7.1. You must not resell either Disc-based Software or Software Downloads, unless expressly authorised by us and, if the publisher is another company, additionally by the publisher.

While the above terms may sound like Sony will not allow people to resell their games with others, it is not the case. The terms were always like this, even for PS3 it was the same. If Sony wants to restrict used games on PS4, they would have not started a marketing campaign against Microsoft which announced the controversial DRM policy which was later dropped. I’m sure Xbox One’s usage terms will also be similar to PS4. But the fact is, Microsoft and Sony will allow people to resell their used games, etc,.

At the same time, Microsoft has once again confirmed that there are no new DRM policies for Xbox One. It just works as you find in Xbox 360 today.

You can read the full terms here.

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Pradeep, a Computer Science & Engineering graduate.

  • GG002

    Hah, one moment the PS4 fans are spreading Sony’s FUD about XB1, the second moment they get hit with the same thing. Got a taste of your own medicine?

    • Jack


    • koenshaku

      If you read the entire article you would see it is the same policy for the PS3 and Sony doesn’t care if you resell your game.

      • nohone

        If you sign a legal document, which is what you do when you click that Accept button when the EULA is displayed, that overrides everything they say. The EULA is a contract between you and Sony. They can claim whatever they want, but a signed contract is legally enforceable.

        • Bloob

          Really depends on the country, EULAs don’t go above the law. And as said, this is the same it’s always been.

  • BIAS

    Oh look a Microsoft site excusing sony from its sins

    • Jack

      And ?? U dont see that happening at Sony’s website ps fanboys everywhere u one of them

      • BIAS

        M$ fanboy here. Not Sony

        • David

          If you are Microsoft Fan you would never use M$. Only fanboys that still stuck in 90s use that stupid M$.
          So please get out of here and stop posting craps.

          • BIAS

            You need to calm down. If I wasn’t a fan I’d’ve stopped by to tear MS apart. The whole story behind me using the M$ symbol is due to some of their services which I think they overcharge for, including some that should be perks. I’ve been here several times to post comments so you can check my track. Fyi I was even pro DRM (not the kind they had) and like the included Kinect on the Xbox One (which I will buy when HALO launches on it) So back the hell up, you have 0 authority to tell me which sites to go to and what I’m actually a fan of.

    • Sugadevan

      oh look, a butthurt sony fanboy on a MS related site.

      • BIAS

        Wow how couldn’t pple tell I’m team M$

        • Brandon Hanchett

          Not saying I don’t believe you (I couldn’t care less), but typically when people use “M$” it’s a sign that they are against Microsoft.

          • BIAS

            I’ve been a fan since I got my first WP 7 when it had only 5000 apps, instead of Android. WP only owned devices that run Microsoft software. And through the years (even b4 WP) paid premium for services that should have been cheaper. Some of these like Xbox live should have been free, and Zune pass should’ve been about $7 or so. Office software also costs hundreds of dollars after buying a PC itself. Now it costs OEMs to use WP when the OS.should be free to promote itself. Such issues among others. I’m currently saved up to get Xbox one. But one thing for sure is that MS is money hungry, and rarely remembers there are real fans behind their products. So forgive me for my campaign for a better ms by using the M$ as a symbol of my protest.

      • twinspectre

        oh look , a M$ site reporting SONY related article Pathetic, just Pathetic
        how low can go M$ and the XBone720p fanboys ?

    • koenshaku

      I look to read news not propaganda you if he didn’t add that it was the same policy on the PS3. I would have never known the better since I don’t own a PS3. Its called good journalism not excuses for a company. You should go back to watching your regularly scheduled FOX news program.

      • BIAS

        I’m a Democrat and M$ fanboy

  • Asgard

    Of course many people like Paul Thurrot at has been saying it from the start. Sony is playing exactly the same game but just took advantage of Microsoft making the announcments first :) And now we start to see its true. The closer we get to launch the more these things pile up and we end up with two exactly same systems but MS having more non-gaming stuff included and Sony having better gaming performance. So just forget everything else and choose between these two things. I know, so hard to choose :) But I choose PC wich has everything + more + already twise as good gaming performance than even PS4…
    Smart thing from MS would be to combine Xbox and PC gaming. Announce pads and kinect for PC and make the games run on Windows 8.1. So easy to be the winner, but they are still not doing it.

    • kain0m

      Pads and kinect are coming to the PC, just like with the xBox 360. Just not at launch…

      • Asgard

        doest matter much if games are not there and if they do not combine gamers under one xbox service which size is compared to ps users.

  • neva

    I’ve never resold any game in my life. Couldn’t care less about the DRM.
    Steam has DRM and everyone loves it. Why? Because games are way cheaper!
    GTA IV costs 20€ in my country for PS3 and XBox 360 but I bought all the GTAs except GTA V (GTA, GTA 2, GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and GTAIV: Liberty City Stories) for about 8€ in Steam. Tomb Raider (2013) costs 25€ for PS3 or XBox 360 but I purchased all Tomb Raiders for about 13€.
    I was about to go from a PS3 for a XBox One but the prices are just too high compared to Steam prices. That’s why I wanted the DRM for XBox One but Microsoft never really promised cheaper games…
    Why can’t we have Steam like prices for digital games (DRM) and XBox 360 like prices for physical games?

    • nohone

      This is exactly what Xbox One was going to do. Microsoft said explicitly that this would cause prices to be lower. But the Sony fanboys couldn’t allow that because it would make the prices lower on the X1 and drive people away from the PS4. So they generated a big controversy, even though they had no intention of buying an X1. For the people who wanted that mechanism, we are now paying (literally paying) because of Sony fanboys. So thank them.

      • Usman Mohammad

        What you’re forgetting that Steam is on PC, AAA PC gaming isn’t mainstream where as consoles are.

        Now imagine this scenario because I have come across this, where a neighbour or a friend buys a new console a year or two into the console’s life cycle. Natural thing to do would be to lend them a few games they’ve missed out on. Now on the old Xbox System, I couldn’t do that because I would have to wait 30 days after I’ve added them as a friend then they could play the game(s). The worst part is that, I could not take that game back and they could not lend it again to someone else.

        Now that’s not consumer friendly and deffinetely not friendly to the casual market that Microsoft will be aiming at, because with every other entertainment on physical media (books, DVDs, Blu-rays, music CDs) there’s not hassle to hand over and trade around. There’s just way too many hurdles. Then the 24 hour check ins, which was just unecessary right at the time when we find out about NSA and PRISM.

        (NOTE: Yes there was family plan sharing, however by a year or two you would have already hit that 10 person limit).

        That’s my view on the Xbox One’s inital plan/flaw.

        Now on to your comment:

        1. Microsoft didn’t say it, a supossed “engineer” went on 4chan and posted it, do I believe it? Nope, why? because a month or two later a “leak” on pastebin said game sharing was time limited, which turned out to be false. So cheaper games wasn’t officially confirmed, now even if they were going to, Microsoft (Sony and Nintendo for the matter, because they’re all guilty of this) haven’t proven that their digital stores are wallet friendly, the games cost a ridiculous amount compared to retail, it’s one reason why I just don’t believe it, well to basically put it, i’ll believe it when I see it (well if I see it)

        2. Blaming Sony fanboys…., yeah the whole “games were going to be cheaper” came AFTER the “180”, so guess what, all the complaining wasn’t from Sony fanboys, it was from a bunch of people called GAMERS, do you get that? These include myself, a Microsoft fan indeed (critical at times, obviously because I’m not an idiotic fanboy and at the end of the day I am a consumer and a gamer) and millions of gamers that actually put their time into the Xbox platform only to be cheated by the ridiculous policy. Are you really this delusional?

        3. You’re assuming that the actual Xbox fans shut up and ate up everything that the old Xbox One was and didn’t complain about anything, which again I don’t know which universe you were living in (also that you’re assuming that everyone at the Sony press conference was just a sony fanboy because they cheered for no DRM)

        4. You’re paying for it because gamers, yes us, who enjoy games as a past time and have collectively chosen to not want that DRM and guess what, Microsoft listened and is delivering a product which consumers can enjoy.

        So please thank us gamers because we’re the actual audience, you know the ones that actually want to play games.

        Here’s a message from alpha omega sin if you still want the DRM:

      • BIAS

        U made me cry

    • BIAS

      Same here, I wanted some form of DRM (not the one they had) but yeah, I don’t sell my games either. I only buy and play the ones I like.

  • Guest

    xboxfanboys once they clicked the news

  • Guest

    xbot fanboys reaction once they clicked the news

  • twinspectre

    xbot fanboys once they clicked the news

    • nohone

      1) xbot? Hahahahahahahaha, the Sony fanboys are still stuck with 2001 catch-phrases.
      2) It is nice to see how the PS4 fanboys have not yet learned how to use computers, being you posted the same thing three times and one of them didn’t even work. But I guess the PS4 would be best for you. Dumbed down, uncomplicated with features such as music playing. All they need is a copy of Pac-Man on it, and they will be entertained for hours with the pretty colors.

      • twinspectre

        did you know PAC-MAN is superior than any xbot ip

        • Guest

          Did you know many animals are also superior than Sony fanboys? 😉

        • nohone

          After looking over your post history, I know exactly the type of person you are. Here are just a couple of your quotes:

          “XBOT720 GAYBOY forget the Microsoft’s arrogance ”

          “you forget dictatorship , Resolutiongate you guys are pathetic XBOT FANBOYS , XBONE720p can do 4K Gaming suck it PS fanboys”

          And then you wrote this, trying to pretend that you are the mature one:
          “i dont know why people still wasting their time with a immature guy like you”

          Just your typical PS4 fanboy, nothing more. They have no games to play for the PS3, so they are sitting around waiting for their PS4 to arrive and so they go from one site to another to troll.

      • twinspectre

        i’m not using a PC

  • Usman Mohammad

    I was thinking there would be a biased article, but to my surprise it wasn’t. Completely neutral and major props to Pradeep for citing the facts, now that’s good journalism :) .