Sony Sells 4.2 Million PS4s; Over 1 Million More Units Sold Than the Xbox One

Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony announced they had sold a record 4.2 Million PS4 consoles.  The data was from launch, November 15, 2013 to December 31, 2013.  Sony choose a staggered launch and the PS4 was available in 53 countries by the end of the year.  Reports from analysts predicted Sony would sell 5 million units by Spring 2014 and they seem on pace to do this.

“The momentum of the PS4 system keeps getting stronger and we couldn’t be more thrilled gamers worldwide are enjoying the incredibly immersive gaming experiences along with deep social capabilities and entertainment provided by our network,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “After a remarkable launch, we look forward to bringing even more exciting content and continuing to explore the power of the PS4 system by adding new features and services, including PlayStation Now, in 2014.”

Sony announced a game streaming service that will be available in limited beta later this month.  Sony also announced its own cloud-based streaming TV service that will support both video on demand and live TV broadcasts.

Yesterday we covered Microsoft’s announcement that the company had sold 3 Million Xbox One consoles.  The Xbox One is only available in 13 “launch countries” compared to Sony’s 53 countries.  Microsoft is also said to be working on a game streaming service.  Microsoft demoed Halo on a Lumia at its company meeting last year.  A number of former OnLive employees now work on the Xbox team.  The other major game streaming company, Gaikai, was acquired by PlayStation for over $300 million.

We are expecting more information on the Xbox One in early April at the Build conference.  Terry Myerson and Marc Whitten control the software side of the Xbox One, while Julie Larson-Green controls the hardware side.  A number of senior Microsoft employees are in attendance at CES including Julie Larson-Green, Panos Panay, Terry Myerson and many others.  Former Windows head Steven Sinofsky is also at CES and many are eagerly awaiting his annual report and analysis of trends.


  • Victor Who

    For the Xbox One to come close to the success of the PS4 in more countries would depend on the whether or not gamers in that area would be able to afford two consoles. That’s because, chances are, when the Xbox One is launched in a new country gamers probably would have already spent their money on the PS4.

    • Asgard

      Or their friends are. But it is normal these days that MS is late fighting of left overs.

    • Adrian

      It only needs to take newly open to consoles, China. The Chinese hate the Japanese and things are more tense than in the past 5 years. GM and VW each, sell more cars in China than Toyota and Honda combined, Even Ford is now topping both Honda and Toyota in China.
      Those foreign companies I mention are also fighting Chinese car compaines, while Microsoft would have no Chinese rivals. Microsoft has been working a lot of with Chinese retailers as of late and are building more Microsoft stores there.

    • Orc

      Then why is both X360 and PS3 still sold. Not all gamers buy their consols right away.

    • Drewidian

      Or… MS partners with Cable and Satellite companies around the world and offer Subsidized Xbox Ones for something like $99 down on a 2 year agreement. They could even make it a 3 year agreement and throw in Xbox live for free. MS is still in a better position than Sony to make this kind of deal happen since it doesn’t use IP network Bandwidth to do so and will work with Satellite and Cable companies around the world. All they need is an HDMI output for their receivers. This works far better for places that don’t have a large IP network infrastructure outside of the major metropolitan centers like China.

  • mrdeezus

    Wait a minute, 13 countries 3 million consoles and 53 countries 4.2 million? Sounds like the Xbox is winning to me.

    • Rikkirik

      And to think that the PS4 was launched a few weeks before the XBox One, while being $100 more expensive.

      • tropolite

        The XBox One is not really $100 more than the PS4. Remember Kinect is in the bundle so if you were to add PS4’s Camera Optional extra that retails for around $89. So hardware cost is on par.
        There is plenty space in the market for these consoles… then of course the Steam console is coming to town. That should be interesting too.

    • neva

      No it isn’t. Most people who got a PS4 won’t get a XBox One.
      Most countries will only get the XBox one year from now or even latter. Do you think people will wait that long?
      “But you can import it!” Yes but if I do, all the advantages that make me want a XBox instead of a PS4 don’t exist. If stuff like the Store, Kinect and Live TV aren’t avaliable in your country, XBox One is just the like the PS4 with worst FPS and resolution. No point in getting a XBox if it isn’t avaliable in your country yet.
      Summer time and Christmas time 2014 will mean alot for this generation consoles. If the XBox is still not avaliable in all European countries (among others) in May or June, Microsoft doesn’t even need to bother releasing it latter…

  • ZloiYuri

    BlaBlaBla BlaBla BlaBla. Sony can say whatever they want but one and only reason why people bought more PS4 – is price. Too many gamers are lazy so much they don’t need kinect coz they even walk hardly. Better that 100$ they will spend for pizza.

    • neva

      Or because the XBox isn’t avaliable in so many countries.
      If it was avaliable in my country, I would have already purchased one but it isn’t. I didn’t buy a Playstation 4 because Microsoft dedicated much more than Sony to keep their previous console software up to date across the years and despite much worst specs the XB360 allways seemed on pair with the PS3.
      But the XBox 360 was avaliable before the PS3 and was released almost at the same time all over the world. Xbox One didn’t!
      Some say, some countries including mine will only get the XBox One in late 2014 or start 2015. Do you think people will wait that long for a console? Specialy people who already have a PS3?
      Microsoft made a lot of mistakes with the XBox One release. The worst was the release date more than one year after the PS4 in most countries.
      Lots of my friends were thinking about getting the XBox One but because of the release dates all of them already have a PS4.
      They are 1M behind in two months but it will get even worst…

  • grs_dev

    Microsoft’s strategy here is clear. They want to be #1 and #2 in the living room and first screen entertainment domain.

    I don’t think they care as much about which one of their products is number 1 in Q1 2014 in fact they prefer it to be the Xbox 360 I would presume but as the Xbox 360’s market share begins to erode, They will want their #2 product to replace it in the lead position.

    I think Sony is being very myopic in their vision for the living room. They are almost being the Apple of home entertainment. Sony would rather, and is more or less built for selling the consumer a TV, a BRDVD Player, a Home entertainment Surround Sound System, a tablet, a laptop, an all in one, and a handheld device of sort.

    Xbox One has already streamlined my entertainment center. I used to have a Sony BRDVD player + my Sony Bravia TV then my Xbox 360 and a surround sound system. Now I have my Sony Bravia TV + my Xbox One + Surround Sound.

  • Johan Appelgren

    Sold to retailers or sold to customers? Microsoft were very clear that it was 3m to customers. Either way, as long as both consoles have about even market share it is imo a good thing for consumers.

  • Jeff Hung

    South park may actually tells the true story: both Microsoft and Sony benefit from the “console war” waged by cults on both sides. The companies might not conspire it as a marketing campaign, the marketing people definitely love to see it.
    As both companies shipped record-breaking number of new consoles, we can hardly say which one is losing. On the other hand, Wii U’s sales and consumer awareness suffer because it was released without “next-generation” console war. As it was only competing with PS3 and Xbox 360 and carries a “Wii” prefix, it was mistaken by many consumers as merely an interim upgrade of the original Wii.