Sony Teases Lenovo Yoga Style Flexible VAIO Ultrabook Hybrid


Sony has published the above teaser on its YouTube account recently. As you can see, Sony is planning to reveal a Lenovo Yoga style Ultrabook hybrid. The device can act as a laptop, tablet when folded all together, and also as a viewer. Lenovo is yet to update its successful Yoga lineup with Intel’s latest Hasewell processor. If Sony reveals a product that is as good as Yoga both in terms of quality and value, they may have a winner in their hands. Sony is set to reveal this new device at IFA 2013 next week.

What do you expect from Sony?


  • Allan Cantillo

    Hopefully they show laptops with great resolutions as the newest Samsung laptops.

  • efjay

    They need to get with a Wacom digitizer and stop with the N-trig crap first.

  • keith

    the photo looks like the Samsung ativ q.

  • anujgoyal

    they need to get prices right VAIO 11 is super expensive, if they made it cheaper i would have not got a surface pro

  • Tips_y

    Sony products are priced higher than Lenovo for the same set of specs. Hope it doesn’t happen this time around.

  • JohnCz

    I don’t see Sony competing with their Vaio Duo 13 but I could see them refreshing their Duo 11. If I were Sony, I would forgo a pure SSD system configuration to get the price below $1000. If they can offer i5-4220U, 6GB, 750GB + 32GB SSD combo drive, N-Trig and 1600×900 in package under 3 lbs then I think they would have something on their hands.
    As for Lenovo, I will be disappointed if they don’t offer a digitizer option on their refreshed Yoga line.