Sony’s PS4 Continues To Out Sold Xbox One Sales In The US

For the fifth straight month, Sony’s PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One in sales in the US. In whatever way you see, it is a bad news for Microsoft. Despite having a solid platform for both games and entertainment apps, Microsoft’s console sales is not up to the mark. I’ll blame marketing team for this poor show in the market. The total sales of consoles and portables combined was $187 million, a 95 percent increase over the $96 million in sales during the same period last year.

Top Games in May:

1)Watch Dogs (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3, PC)
2)Mario Kart 8 (NWU)
3)MLB 14: The Show (PS4, PS3, PSV)
4)Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3, PC)
5)Minecraft (360, PS3)
6)The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (360, PS3, PS4, XBO, 3DS, NWU)
7)NBA 2K14 (360, PS4. PS3, XBO, PC)
8)Titanfall (360, XBO, PC)
9)Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS)
10)Call Of Duty: Ghosts (360, PS4, PS3, XBO, PC, NWU)

Source: NPD

  • tofferne

    Microsofts sales team makes a terrible job everywhere, whatever it’s in Europe or USA, they are loosing around 50 % of sale – Phones, tablets and Xbox, Microsoft products are invisible, all sales places are about other products, Android, Appel, iPhone, IPad, Samsung, Sony, LG and so on. Everywhere you find these products, even in small towns and minor sales places, but only a single little Nokia 520. MS really needs to reorganize the ales team and strategy, if they want to stay alive about hardware sale.

    • Guest

      Another hardware failure; kin, Zune, Surface RT and now we must add XBoxOne. :(

  • EnglishMan

    title should be out-sell rather than out sold

  • DefinitelyAbsolute

    The Windows Phone marketing team is the worst of them all. Simply terrible.

    • McCheeseFist

      its not good. I mean look at the commercials. I love the fighting one but then they just go “zoom” at the end…. Show the features and how cool and easy WP is… Where is the full blown live tile commercial? Thats one of the coolest features… Compare it to a dead iphone screen!!! I mean people will lose their minds going “why am i looking at grids of icons? when I could be seeing info!”… seriously its horrible the advertising microsoft does…. even Windows 8? Live tile? eh they kinda hashed it over…

  • TheCyberKnight

    What we observe are the side-effects of the terrible launch snafu. And yes, the marketing team and entertainment division top honchos are the primary people responsible of this humiliating defeat.

    There is no way the public perception can be altered in a short amount of time and, unfortunately for Microsoft, the first year will bring nothing good for them. The first year of this next-gen console war has already been won by Sony.

    The XBOX One is a fantastic media hub with, globally, a far better offering than the one-trick pony PlayStation. Meanwhile, the slight hardware superiority in favor of the PS4 (for games!) has an abnormally high effect in the public perception.

    Microsoft is entering a costly damage control strategy at this moment. And it could end-up being useless.

  • Knightwing19

    This is just a Sony fanboy piece where are the numbers? I bet it’s not as bad as this makes it out to be.

    • LexicoRed

      Yep Pradeep is a huge Sony fanboy and like the rest of the world his whole goal is to make Microsoft look bad. For there is no way the company could do poorly with any hardware they try to sell.

      • LexicoRed

        BTW this is where the usual suspects come and tell me my position on hardware is shortsided; even though sales are disappointing and generating billions of dollars in losses this is great business for Microsoft.

        • Vu Nguyen

          Sony is also losing money on the PS4. The xboxone is selling very well. It will be fine. Stop being overly dramatic.

          • LexicoRed

            The object of business is to make money. It is important so you can continue to be in business. Stop being so overly untaught.

          • Vu Nguyen

            How is your billion dollar business doing smarty pants?

          • LexicoRed

            Sold it a year ago, for a profit.

          • Vu Nguyen

            and then you woke up, and it was time to go to school

          • SocalBrian

            Actually I believe Sony is making a small profit on the console – not enough to be an important source of revenue but also not a loss.

    • nohone

      No, this is not a Sony fanboy site, and the PS4 did outsell X1. However, I find it very telling that Sony has not been all over the internet bragging about how many they did sell. In the past with the PS4 outselling the X1, Sony could not wait to announce their sales. This month they are being quiet, meaning that the sales were not what they expected, and with a $100 cheaper version of the X1 now available, Sony may be keeping quiet for a reason.

      • SyanjiKetil

        Good post. Thank you for not turning your post into another proselyzitation of victimhood and staying on topic. Your ideas are much clearer this way. :)

        • nohone

          Really, you liked it? I am so happy because while I was writing it I was thinking to myself “I hope that guy who nobody gives two shi** about approves! I know he has a delicate, fragile ego and I don’t want to upset him by writing something that he may not agree.” I know you can’t stand it when someone has an opinion that may not mesh with your thoughts, and I really want to appease you, because my whole world revolves around making sure some anonymous person whom I do not know is completely approves. My goal is to appease you.

          • SyanjiKetil

            You was doing so well but alas you choose to pave the cow path.

          • nohone

            You didn’t like it. My life now has no meaning.

          • SyanjiKetil

            It does still, but your defining it with negativity and anger rather then enlightenment and happiness.

          • nohone

            Ahh, another Apple/Google apologist (if not the same one) who is here to cleanse my soul, meanwhile people will use every personal, disgusting attack they possibly can and you useless nothings stand by and say nothing because you are happy for them to do so, since it helps your agenda.

            You bore me.

          • SyanjiKetil

            Any type of hurt I find distasteful be it towards you or, in this case, your towards me. In the later case I understand it is not about me but your struggle to deal with your own.

            It’s why Microsoft is back. It no longer focus on destroying competition but focus on building itself to be the best and being truly helpful to fellow mankind. Thank you Nadella for offer us all a great example to practice.

  • Abraham Soto

    Microsoft let Don Mattrick make those terrible mistakes on the Xbox One and now they are paying the consequences. Don Mattrick single hand destroy the X brand last year. They were talking about being the first to get 100 million consoles sales with those draconian rules. Glad they fire that inept and put Spencer there, now thing are getting normal, but the damage already has been done.

  • ZappyKins

    They should have lowered the price and kept Kinect.