South Park Weighs In On Xbox One vs PS4 (Video)


South Park is an animated American comedy television show which often weighs in on current cultural issues.  They had a rather humorous take on fanboys of the Xbox One and PS4.  The PS4 just launched, and the Xbox One will launch next.  I suspect many of our readers will be spending their Thanksgiving holiday on the Xbox One or PS4.  Please take some time to spend with your family :p

via Tom Warren

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  • Bugbog

    Never liked South Park, but that was spot on grasp of knowledge and humour!

    • Jack

      Lol +1 i too never liked south park

  • Emily the Strange

    aww I was expecting a longer video, it was quite good! I laughed at the reason why ps4 was better for Stan… its not just because i like Microsoft and Xbox and all that but ps4 controller… oh no.
    I always liked Kyle and Eric more than Stan so its good they were on Xbox One side.
    hmm why havent you reported about PS4 owners saying their system is been crashing? someone said a guy was streaming his ps4 on twitch and it crashed when he tried to go store.
    hmm have been any reports of Xbox one crashing or something? I mean.. if so many bad ps4 out there among few people compared to Xbox one, it seems Xbox one will be the one not having many problems like happened with 360.
    Hope i can get a Xbox one soon, early next year though, Im trying to fix and upgrade first my computer :)

    • surilamin

      I will be reporting the PS4 hardware problems shortly, waiting to see if Sony PR will get back to me, Xbox One will not be released until Nov 22, but some early reviews will be coming Monday.

      • Emily the Strange

        Nice,its just weird i found about ps4 having problems. and the only bad thing about Xbox one was the “ban” some people dont seem to understand its only until 22, when all Xbox one will be out and services “ready”

        • Jack


      • nohone

        The spin machine declaring the PS4 problems not an issue is in full effect. Expect a big number of people whining about any post you make about it.

        BTW, have you been playing with the scripts for the site lately? The recent comments list keep switching languages and fonts. Yesterday it was using Cyrillic. The day before was Greek. Today it looks like a mix between Armenian and Roman font.

        • surilamin

          That’s interesting…I’ll take a look into it. Which Device/OS/browser are you using?

          • nohone

            It does not happen all the time and it is not doing it any more. But I am using Win7 with IE10. Yesterday and the day before it was the title of the articles the comments were posted in, earlier today it was the comment text that was showing with the Armenian lang.
            Next time it happens I will take a screen shot and look through the web sources to see if I notice anything.

  • Malcolm Williams

    That. Was. Hilarious

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I personally like the Xbox for having full integration with Windows and Windows Phone, but personally I’ve always been ”a Japan-fanboy” (Nintendo and Sony), but I’m sure to get both of the next gen as I’m loyal to Sony, but as a Microsoft aficionado I must have a full inter-connected life.