Spanish Microsoft video touts “new ecosystem”

The above rather cool video is the creation of Microsoft Spain, and shows how the Metro design language originated on Windows Phone in 2010, and morphed into Windows 8 in 2012.

The video ends by touting the new Microsoft ecosystem of phones, tablets, PCs and the Xbox, and reminds one of Microsoft’s new imperative to integrate and collaborate, to strengthen their position against Google and Apple.

What do our readers think of the video? Let us know below.



  • Wise guy

    Yeah, its pretty cool.
    Nice choice of background music.

  • Erik Pienknagura

    WOW!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was just awesome

  • Macca

    this needs to go global!

  • defg

    it’s cool if MS makes the tile more 3D just like on 0:48
    although MS tried to get rid of all the skeuomorph in W8, but i think the 3D glass tiles are worth the skeuomorph, it feels so elegant yet still simple and minimalist.

  • sumedh

    just amazing
    .. Excellent job ..

  • Santi

    The funny thing is that here in Spain is almost impossible to find a store selling Windows 8/RT devices or smartphones running WP8.
    Microsoft distribution it´s being awful this time.

  • Kitab

    Well done:)

  • iamtiger

    Wow!!! That was awesome, I had to watch it like three times… Lol.