Spielberg Film Showcases Bing Maps and Windows Azure In Its Website

The War Horse Journey is a war drama film directed by Steven Spielberg and released in the United States on 25 December 2011 and in the United Kingdom releasing on 13 January. The film creators have done a beautiful website to promote their film. 

The site has two parts, a gallery and the TimeMap. The Gallery uses Deep Zoom technology to let the user explore a patchwork of historical images, maps and shots from the film. It’s an interactive exploration of the world of War Horse.

The TimeMap uses Bing Maps and Map Cruncher to overlay today’s map of the WWI battle area with historical maps and photos. You can scroll a viewer around to see, for example, where the front line ran and the pockmarked landscape.

It’s a powerful use of Microsoft technology to bring history to life and add depth and context to the film. In both regards, it’s a break from the normal run of film promotion sites. “It’s a labour of love,” says Shoothill’s Rod Plummer, “We’re creating a real journey for the user around the fictional horse’s story from the film.”

You can read more on it here.

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    It would be so much smoother with the Silverlight version of Deep Zoom and Bing Maps.