StatCounter: Windows 8 Finally Passes Windows XP In Worldwide Desktop Marketshare

StatCounter Windows 8 market share

As per the latest data from StatCounter, Windows 8 has finally passed Windows XP in the global desktop market share. While Windows XP still has 14.31% of the market share, the combined market share of Windows 8 (7.35%) and Windows 8.1(8.2%) now equals 15.55% of the market. As Microsoft has already dropped the support for Windows XP, you can see this trend accelerating. Millions of customers are moving away from the decade old Windows XP OS to the latest ones running Windows 8/8.1.

Source: Statcounter

  • cybersaurusrex

    Why are all those people with Windows 8 not upgrading to Windows 8.1?!?

    • judaz

      Corporate environment probably. We changed all computers at work to new running Windows 8. I’m the only one running 8.1 update 1 because I demanded it. Have not had time to update anyone else’s yet apparently.

      • jimski27

        Ironic, isn’t it. As 8.1 offers more business user options. The very options that naysayers complain are holding Win8.x back.

    • TV John

      As judaz says, corporate. Most versions of Windows 8 can be easily updated to 8.1 from the Windows store. This isn’t the case for Windows 8 Enterprise. In fact, in order to update my work PC I ended up completely reinstalling it. Needless to say I went for the Pro version next time around.

      • Ryan

        Upgrade install is supported from a windows 8.1 enterprise disc and doesn’t require complete reinstalling.
        True you can’t update from Store app on Windows 8.0 enterprise (probably so IT department of an enterprise environment can test compatibility before rolling the update)

        • TV John

          All I can say is that wasn’t my experience. I can fully understand why the Enterprise version wouldn’t upgrade from the store – makes perfect sense. But I downloaded 8.1 Enterprise every time a new version came out, and every time the only upgrade options I had were ‘Keep Data’ or ‘Keep Nothing’.
          I was an early adopter of 8 so perhaps it was something to do with that?

  • Avatar Roku

    Why do they break out Win8 and Win8.1 into separate categories, but all versions of Mac OS X are counted as one?

    • Avatar Roku

      I have to say StatCounter is a very unreliable source of data:

      1.) StatCounter have iOS running on 72% of tablets in the world despite every tracking firm (IDC, Gartner, etc.) showing that Android tablets outsell iPads by a wide margin every year.

      2.) They have Chrome browser running on 50% of desktops and IE only on 22% of Windows machines. What? Yeah right. There’s no way that almost 80% of people who buy a Windows PC change their browser. Netmarketshare has the data reversed which is much more believeable (58% w/ IE, 20% with Chrome).

      3.) StatCounter have Google owning 76% of search in the US and Bing/Yahoo at 20%, even though Comscore which everyone trusts shows Google with 65% and Bing/Yahoo with 30%. Bing would not be growing in profitability and talking about reaching critical mass if StatCounter data was correct.

      Though it would be nice to believe Windows 8 is used on more PCs than XP, none of their other data matches up with reality. StatCounter is garbage.

      • SocalBrian

        StatCounter looks at web ad traffic (i.e. people using their tablets), not number of units sold in to the channel.

        Bing is not “profitable” – it is only losing less money (Microsoft says it may even bebreak even by 2016).

    • TheFadz

      Regardless whether statcounter is accurate or not. They are obviously trying to make windows 8 look bad by splitting up 8 and 8.1 (They will probably have a third category if Microsoft release a 8.2 update). The fact they have put all versions of Linux and Mac into 1 category shows their bias. ‘Microsoft hate’ will continue.

    • statcountergs

      Sorry for the late response.

      We separate out Win8 and Win8.1 because Microsoft assigned different useragents to these two operating systems.

      Microsoft is treating them separately so we followed that convention.

  • Justme

    Lies, damn lies and statistics… ;-P

  • haha123

    I personally do not believe this. There is no way the 8.x share has gone past XP’s.

    Statcounter is wrong. Net Market Share is right. They have figures that is parallel with personal experience.