Steam gamers adopting Windows 8 four times faster than general population


It seems, despite Valve’s protestations, Steams users are adopting Windows 8 four times faster than the general population.

Their own updated Steam hardware stats page shows in total 4.69 percent of users have already adopted Windows 8, versus between 1.44 percent and 1.09 percent according to Statcounter and NetApplications.

The percentage is more than half of the 8.07 Vista user base and exceeds the 3.26 percent Apple users.

The news is probably not that surprising, given that most gamers want to be on the cutting edge of PC technology, and that Windows 8 generally results in a faster PC, but it does suggest that Valve may want to rethink their objections to Windows 8 before a significant percentage of their users start running the OS.


  • ama neden

    Valve, take this muahaha :d

  • ZombieBacchus

    That is fantastic.

  • surilamin

    Hahaha take that Valve. Their whole business model is under assault, don’t know how long they can last really.

  • Drewidian

    I think this is to be expected since Steam users are usually on the more advanced side of computing and would thus be early adopters of latest version of Windows. Add in features like Refresh and Reset along with the performance increases, low upgrade price, etc. and you will see the more advanced users willing to give it a try over sticking with Windows. The real trick is to get Windows 8 to the mainstream.

  • Bugbog

    They better make it easy for new PC gamers to come on board, otherwise if they wait until Microsoft gets a foothold offering, then they will be doomed!

  • Don’t fear the future

    I question the numbers that Statcounter and Netapplications are reporting until further notice. I having the following 2 questions about their market share numbers. Windows 8’s market share could actually be higher.

    1: Does Windows 8’s built-in “Do Not Track” feature (on by default) affect their ability to detect Windows 8 internet usage?

    2: With Windows 8, one doesn’t need a web browser as much, which may lead to lower than actual numbers. Example: I have a “weather channel” app on Windows 8. So instead of going to the website, I just use the app now. So, does Statcounter and Netapplications detect Windows 8 usage when using the app instead of the browser?

    As far as Windows 8 usage on Steam: Irony.

    • Robert Potter

      1) No.
      2) Yes. It’s part of the standard HTTP header.

      • Don’t fear the future

        Thanks for the info. Then their numbers should be pretty accurate for active users.

  • Ocelotty1

    I have Win 8 on 3 computers (and counting) but, yes, I first upgraded to an SSD and slapped this onto my gaming rig 😉 – Hate all you want; Win 8 is somewhat flawed, but more than fantastically fast; love it.

  • Mark

    Been running Win8 since developer preview for the increase in speed alone. When I (used to) boot into Win7, my PC would die if tried running Battlefield 3, when I boot into Win8, it runs smooth (on medium-low graphics)…

    So no wonder gamers are adopting Win8 so fast

  • NegLewis

    The trend is more dramatic than that!
    Windows 8 is cannibalizing it’s own OS’s (witch is an “update”) but MACOS 10.8 users downgrade to MACOS 10.7 or switch to Windows 8.

  • Cormang

    I really don’t understand why people bash Windows 8. It’s faster, more features, and the File Explorer is awesome. I love the right click menu over the hidden start menu. To be honest, I find Window 8 MORE productive than Windows 7. I use it at home and at work. I simply love it. Although I can’t say I always loved it. At first I was annoyed. But after using it and figuring out new ways of doing things I’ve realized that everything is less clicks away than it was in Windows 7.

  • Windows 8

    This is encouraging indeed, I wish for the share to be at or above 10% by the year end, that will be superb.

  • Kitab

    Valve, where’s my HL3? That’s what you should worry about, not Windows…