Steve Ballmer Announces New Roles For Eric Rudder And Harry Shum At Microsoft


Microsoft today announced two new roles for their senior leaders Eric Rudder and Harry Shum. Eric Rudder who was heading Advanced Strategy & Research group will become Executive Vice President, Advanced Strategy and Harry Shum who was leading Bing engineering team will become Executive Vice President, Technology & Research. Both of them will report directly to Steve Ballmer starting mid-December.

Read the full email below.

From: Steve Ballmer
To: Microsoft – All Employees
Date: Nov. 13, 2013
Subject: New Roles for Eric Rudder and Harry Shum

Today, I’m excited to announce new roles for Eric Rudder and Harry Shum. Eric will take on a newly created role as Executive Vice President, Advanced Strategy, and Harry will take on Eric’s current responsibilities as Executive Vice President, Technology & Research. Both Eric and Harry will report to me and both changes take effect in mid-December.

Eric has led our Advanced Strategy & Research group for the past year. In that time, the team has tightened the connection between our incredible MSR work and the devices and services we are bringing to market while advancing the ball on a number of critical strategy and policy issues. As we continue our transformation to a company that delivers high value activities through devices and services it is critical that a senior leader is accountable for certain key, cross company technology initiatives. In this new role, Eric will do just that.

Harry Shum currently leads Bing engineering and prior, he led our MSR China team. He is uniquely positioned to drive exceptional forward-looking research that pushes the frontiers of computer science, while also driving impactful technology transfer through deep connections with our product teams.

MSR has been an amazing source of innovation for Microsoft and the industry, and our commitment to cutting edge R&D is as strong as ever. You only have to look at some of our big technology bets like Xbox, Bing or Windows Azure to see the great collaboration that MSR has brought to help accelerate our efforts to deliver differentiated devices and services to our customers.

With Harry moving to this new role, the Bing engineering leaders will report directly to Qi Lu on an interim basis. They will not miss a beat as they continue the strong momentum in growing share, improving financials, and leveraging search as a strategic differentiator across our devices and services.

Please join me in thanking both Eric and Harry for their leadership and congratulating them on their new roles.


  • SategB

    Here is what makes no sense to be; Ballmer is getting the boot…errr I mean stepping down. Soon a new CEO is going to be hired and, in theory running company; meaning picking who runs what, promoting and firing, setting goal and strategy.

    Yet people are getting promoted, new roles and new titles while also the company is pursuing a major pivot of strategy with a complete organizational restructuring that is the policy of the soon to be late CEO. Why not let the new CEO make these decisions?

    Answer is the new CEO will be a puppet of Gates, Ballmer, and Board. So bet dollars to donuts Elop will be the next CEO. He already proven to be a good puppet…and those who was loyal to the employee stack rating system, loyal to Ballmer, loyal to status quo, and loyal to collecting a pay check as yes men will still be the influencers.

    I hope I am wrong, possible but not probable.

    • grs_dev

      Seriously, why do you care?

      The change in CEO could be nothing but smoke and mirrors for all we know. But why do we care?

      Shareholders vote with their stake ownership, customers vote with their dollars.

      • Zdenko

        Some of here are big fans of the company and we passionately care about its success.

        More important question why are you here?
        I smell a worthless troll.

        • grs_dev

          YOU… Are a moron. Unless you own shares, you’re a consumer and have business knowing or caring about who is doing what job at a publicly traded company.

    • NegLewis

      Yes and No.
      They are rewarded for they work… and protected/exposed (in the same time) from that new misery CEO.
      The new CEO can fire them IF…

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