Steve Ballmer Backed The Xbox Team Every Step Of The Way Right From Its Launch

Mary Jo Foley’s special on Steve Ballmer to Fortune today went online. The special post includes words from Microsoft’s top executives on Steve Ballmer, Steve Ballmer himself talking about his work and a look at the legacy Steve Ballmer leaves on Microsoft. It revealed few interesting information on Steve Ballmer, here are some of them.

  • Steve Ballmer was largely responsible for settling all the anti-trust issues Microsoft faced in the 1990s.

    When Ballmer took over as CEO, Microsoft was in the midst of fighting a bitter antitrust complaint brought against the company in 1998 by the U.S. government and 20 states. For several years, Gates’ attitude suggested that he would rather fight the claims than settle; upon replacing Gates, Ballmer made it a top priority for the company to put the cases behind it as quickly as possible.

  • Steve Ballmer played a significant role in building Microsoft a dominant enterprise player with more than $20 billion in revenue in the recent quarter.
  • Steve Ballmer was the one who kickstarted Xbox business for Microsoft. Ballmer backed the team every step of the way, even when Microsoft took a billion-dollar write-off in 2008 due to Red Ring of Death issues.

It’s definitely worth a read. Read the full article from the link below.

Source: Fortune

  • Rikikrik

    Ballmer, a great guy.

    • Guest

      Yes but blew it as a manager

  • Lance Stern

    He did a great job running Microsoft I think. You can’t hit every trend and fad on the head. He missed the mobile market but Microsoft knows how to play catchup in a market they’ve never been in before… just look at the Xbox.

    • Zdenko

      That is a very, very BIG miss and, sadly the company does not have the type of money to waste to buy their position in that market as they did with Xbox. They are much farther behind and it going to be very expensive. Let’s hope it is not to late.

      • Lance Stern

        The thing is they do have the money to do it. And if they fail to make any dent in hardware sales, they have the services to make money off of the mobile market either way (Skype, SkyDrive, Azure, Office 365, Bing as a platform).
        So yes he missed BIG, but he (and his many advisors) have a great plan A and I believe contingency plan to keep up with the times.

    • Guest

      Ya right, this whole mobile thing is just a passing fad… :-/

  • Guest

    The company is not better positioned today that when he took over. So while he hasn’t been a failure, you can’t really call him a success either. A change was overdue.

    • grs_dev

      Hmmm really? Interesting.

      You should read up on companies such as DEC and Wang even Apple. Maybe then you’ll be able to appreciate what Ballmer did or didn’t do for Microsoft.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Tell me again how the Xbox is just an obscure Dreamcast ”imitation”, and how the Apple Pippin is America’s dominant console. Tell me again how O.S. X and Linux have replaced Windows, tell me again how Windows Phone is losing and doesn’t grow… (–_–)

  • Abraham Soto

    Steve Ballmer let Don Matick try to destroy Xbox brand,, he is a failure. The only good thing he do was to fire him after the bad post E3 debacle…