Steve Ballmer Delivers His Final Microsoft Company Meeting With A Tearful Farewell


Steve Ballmer Microsoft

Microsoft has its annual company meeting at Key Arena yesterday where more than 20,000 Microsoft employees assembled to hear Steve Ballmer talk for the one last time in front on this huge crowd. As expected, he was moved to tears at one point of his speech.

The Verge describes the situation in which Ballmer had tears as below,

At one point during the meeting, Ballmer chose to play the song he used back at his first company meeting in 1983: Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”. He then proceeded to jump and dance around the stage screaming at the top of his voice “the sound of Microsoft!” After the song ended, an emotional Ballmer paused to “enjoy this for a minute,” with tears visibly streaming down his face. “You work for the greatest company in the world, soak it in.”

Ballmer also promised one thing,

“we will deliver the next big thing… we will change the world again.”

He also thanked all the employees, “I want to say thank you…this isn’t about any one person. It’s about a company that’s important, that’s forward thinking, that’s innovative.”. Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO, showed an emotional video of children talking about how proud they are of their parents who work at Microsoft. Terry Myerson and Mark Penn were also part of this speech.

Source: The Verge

  • guesttt999

    Thanks for everything Steve. Microsoft did change the world and all the new innovations and cool companies in the tech world today are a result of the vision that Microsoft had: Get a PC in every home. Excited to hear that there’s a brand new “world changing” chapter ahead.

    • Jimmyz

      “Excited to hear that there’s a brand new “world changing” chapter ahead.”

      Yes, it’s called Linux !

      • Jimmy_Jangle

        Yeah, what’s the uptake on PCs again for that….?

      • steveo99

        Almost right, begins with L – Lumia.

      • reKitab

        Who’ll lead the next Linux “world changing” chapter, Babe:) Newell (Steam)?

  • donzebe

    Like every great thing (person), you too is misunderstood.
    You will always be remember for being a part of, and leading the greatest company in the world that help to put the PC in every home.

    • Jimmyz

      Tell the truth, he will be remembered as a pudding who laughed at the iPhone and was unable to see the obvious which was happening all around him.

      In fact he was so incompentent, I actually wish he was staying on

      • Jimmy_Jangle

        I wish you could stay on here; it’s like the same morbid fascination one holds when watching a chimp shitting into its own hands and then eating it.

      • Haymo

        So incompetent? interesting, I wanna see you lead one of the largest tech companies in the world.

      • Sugadevan

        he laughed at the original price of iPhone, u loser! know the facts

      • donzebe

        You are typing right now on the very PC he help make it possible for you to get into your home.
        You are reading and writing on this site because you are interested in Steve Ballmer.
        You are interested in Steve Ballmer because he is the Leader of one of the greatest and successful company in the world. Unlike its competitors that have stumble along the way, the company he leads has been profitable continuously for over 25 years.
        You have critique him, because like all great things ( people ), he too is misunderstood.
        And that’s the truth, if you can not “see the obvious”.

      • TroyGates

        His incompetency netted him around $15 billion in worth (more than Steve Jobs). Wish I was that incompetent.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Thanks for all the dedication and motivation you brought into the world’s greatest company of today, Steve you are a more dedicated and visionary C.E.O. than any other, what you did for Microsoft made it the greatness it was today, you’ve changed more than a billion people’s lives in a good way.

    • Jimmyz

      Microsoft has held back innovation, the sooner they are gone the better.

      • Bugbog

        Go talk to Google, they are doing more damage every month than Microsoft ever did!

      • robertwade

        Your parents are cousins, aren’t they? I’ll bet there aren’t too many branches in your family tree.

      • aOliva

        If you really knew anything about Microsoft you would know that innovation itself is what has hurt them time and time again, so many products have been released WAY ahead of their time.
        C’mon dude at least troll with some knowledge.

        • donzebe

          Great examples; vista and windows 8

        • SategB

          Yes the Kin, Zune, BobOS, and Surface RT was all head of their time!

      • donzebe

        If you are working for start thanking Steve Ballmer / Microsoft.
        If you are working for Apple or using the iphone Start worshipping Steve Ballmer / Microsoft. Think about the 90’s and the bail out.
        And the sooner you are gone from this site the sooner we will start having reasonable conversation.

  • tomakali

    Being a CEO or being a founder is easy “just live for the company to succeed”
    Being a CEO of Microsoft… “live for the world to succeed, flourish and prosper”

  • Bugbog

    A well deserved finale.

    • SategB

      He well deserved it about 6 years ago before he missed to whole the fact mobile was distorting MSFT business model.

      And he is still clueless calling the fruit company “fashionable” when their phone business alone is bigger the whole MSFT – sad just sad

  • WebUser

    Thanks Steve (I don’t use period here)

  • Tech_Reader

    Whatever the blasted media and the uselessly biased tech editors say or said about him, he was a good leader.. !
    passionate and motivational.. !
    that’s why more than 20000 employees came to hear him.
    I would want the next CEO to be better than him but I would miss him !

    As for hits and misses.. ! All the humans throughout history have had leaders and demigods, but no one was ever without some mistimed words or actions.
    The share market was so stupid in trying to sound the death knell on him everytime but he kept on !!

    • TroyGates

      Microsoft created many product markets that reached billion+ dollar profits during Ballmer’s tenure. Tech media only concentrates on the flashy products like smart phones and fail to mention the rest of the areas that Microsoft is dominating the markets.

  • Asymgo

    Good by monkey boy sooner the better to give my beloved MSFT a chance to have some relevancy in the future.

    Ballmers focus on defend and extend killed innovation at the company made good profits but not a good future.

    Time to get rid of the dead weight decisions and innovate!!!!

    Go MSFT