Steve Ballmer Goes To Hollywood To Win Exclusive Content For Xbox One

Microsoft All In Steve Ballmer

Microsoft is more focused on bringing more content to its upcoming gaming console Xbox One. They have already announced partnership with companies like ESPN, NFL, etc,. Along with live TV partnerships, Microsoft is also working on some exclusive content for Xbox through studios in Los Angeles, London, Seattle and Vancouver. Microsoft Entertainment Studios President Nancy Tellem told that they are producing content that merges “the story-telling magic of TV with the interactive power of the Xbox One.”

Deadline reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently visited Hollywood along with Nancy to strike exclusive content deals for Xbox.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was escorted by his entertainment studios president Nancy Tellem on the Hollywood visit late last week to lobby her former boss CBS chief Les Moonves, WME co-CEOS Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell and other bigwigs in the TV business about the new Xbox One. It’s all part of their effort to drum up exclusive content for it after Microsoft intends to launch 40+ new voice-controlled customized TV and entertainment apps on Xbox. Deadline has learned that Ballmer touted “what we could do with” the Xbox One in sports, music, reality and scripted programming, promising execs that they’d see more sophisticated technology and that his company “doesn’t want to be a cable channel”.

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Source: Deadline

  • Rikkirik

    Microsoft does not want to be a cable company?? That’s a good negotiation pitch in the competition with Google for content. Google is aiming to become a cable company, which is not a good idea.

  • Rico Alexander

    I love this although hardcore games are losing it over this. Microsoft needs to extend the One pass its videogame roots because that’s a limited market especially with Netflix, HBO, etc. winning the battle for entertainment eyeballs. Microsoft needs to establish the One as a central place to find and play all that content immediately and easily without needing to remember channels or having to type those things using clunky remotes etc.

    • DW

      Content deals take a while to establish. I reckon XBox marketing is trying to capture headlines with the new areas it’s addressing. I’m sure there will be plenty of games offerings and announcements closer to the release too.
      Look for an XBox One – Lite version too after this that plays this content, but not as sophisticated games. Maybe it’s the current XBox 360 that has been further miniaturised?