Steve Ballmer: Microsoft Is The Most Profitable Tech Company In The Last 10 Years

Microsoft Profit Last 10 years

At Financial Analyst Meeting held yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke with financial analysts for the last time. While he spoke about number of things, he was proud of what Microsoft achieved so far leaving out few missed opportunities like mobile.

“We have been very successful,” he said. “We make a ton of money. We’re very proud of that…I’m proud that we’ve made more money than anybody on this list in the last 10 years.”

He posted a chart where he compared Microsoft’s financials with all its competitors that includes Apple, Google, IBM and others. As you can see, Microsoft made the most profit in the last 10 years than any other technology company. And also, Microsoft paid the most dividend than any other company in the last 10 years.
Read his full transcript below.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Microsoft is better at long term strategies than the rest, others want to ”amaze you today”, while Microsoft thinks about the future, that’s were true innovations lies.

  • Bugbog

    I already had an inkling of these numbers, but it’s always nice to see them plainly displayed. This is for all the naysayers that have, and continue to speak with short-term memory deficiencies!

    The majority of the profits from “the most profitable company in history” has only come about in the last few years! So just because they’ve finally made humongous profits (which, incidentally, still hasn’t matched Microsoft’s historical totality), everything should just be thrown away to copy them?

    With the line that Microsoft straddles, it’s clearly plain to see that it is still one the best placed companies to move its strategy forwards, whilst still meeting future challenges!

  • DKJr

    This can change very fast. MS had better not sit and thump their chest as this same data can be used to tell a different story in coming years (how good companies become laggards). Its quite evident that MS has done so well in last 10 years but Apple has done extremely well and caught up in last 1 to 5 years. MS did well driven by enterprise focus but tide is turning as companies like Apple are doing well because of innovation in the consumer space and still growing – an area MS is not so great! With advent of BYOD, Apple is creeping into the enterprise space and fast. MS needs to quickly adopt and aggressively start winning in the consumer space that’s likely to help continue growing the enterprise business – maybe not directly but in many indirect ways like BYOD.