Steve Ballmer On Failed Yahoo Takeover: “You get lucky sometimes”

At Web 2.0 conference yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed many things with John Battelle on stage.

1) When asked about Yahoo: “Times change, times change,”, He laughed. The later he added that “You get lucky sometimes.” He also mentioned that Yahoo is now a great partner for Microsoft is search and Microsoft is extending the revenue guarantee program with Yahoo for another year.

2) When asked about Bing:

“I would issue you all a kind of challenge to try any search you want on Bing and Google,” Ballmer said, explaining that 70% of the time, there won’t be any difference in the results, that 15% of the time, Bing will be better and 15% of the time, Google will be better.

3) When asked about social at Microsoft:

“We don’t need to take every battle”. He emphasized that Xbox LIVE and Windows LIVE are the social space that Microsoft has decided to take on and will not launch any new social network.

Image Credit: CNET

  • Jivko Jekov

    Google is 99% of the time better in eastern europe… I own a windows phone and i’m trying Bing every week to see if there is any imrovement, so that i can switch to it, but there is none for the last year, year and a half. They are not even in beta here! Thats sad…

  • Martyn Metalous

    I live in the UK and I use Bing all the time, Google is not better or worse imo.

    Its all about personal choice these days.

    I have to admit what puts me off using Google is the blasted instance search results (laggy and slow), not all the devices I use are broadband connected and to turn it off I have to login to Google.

    So they can record what I am looking at, no thanks.

  • WixosTrix

    I agree that most of the time the results are about the same, but it’s how results are presented, which is what I think makes Bing better.  Simple quries like “When does Winter start” or a team name for an in season sport returns instant results within Bing.  You can usually find answers within the first couple of links, but it’s nice that some things are just hard coded into the results.  Bing is all around much better for consumers because of how it presents information