Steve Ballmer Talks About Why Microsoft Needs A New CEO, Retirement Plans And More


In an interview to WSJ, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked about his decision to leave Microsoft, how he informed everyone about his decision, his future plans, etc,. When Steve Ballmer planned to transform Microsoft into devices and services company last year, he decided that he  will remake the whole brand. As part of this, he started drafting the huge management-reorganization plan which was recently made public as well. While he was on a business trip, the thought of him retiring from came on his mind and he started discussing with the board and eventually with his family after the decision was made.

“Maybe I’m an emblem of an old era, and I have to move on,” the 57-year-old Mr. Ballmer says, pausing as his eyes well up. “As much as I love everything about what I’m doing,” he says, “the best way for Microsoft to enter a new era is a new leader who will accelerate change.”

“At the end of the day, we need to break a pattern,” he says. “Face it: I’m a pattern.”

As he cites, it is better to leave to a new leader at the start of the transformation instead of in the middle. Microsoft board is already looking for CEO alternatives and the current shortlisted names include Stephen Elop, Kevin Turner, Tony Bates, Staya Nadella and Alan Mullaly,

Read the full interview from the link below.

Source: WSJ

  • Freespacer

    a few weeks ago he was fired. Now it’s ‘his decision’. Funny how fast ppl forget.

    • TheCat123

      ..from where did you get the information he was fired?

      • Freespacer

        ok, perhaps he wasn´t “fired” – the Board made him go. that was over and over all news the last few weeks. but in the end – no matter how you put it: he was fired.

        • Forg0t2

          You know that like 90% of the media is b.s. right? I don’t know if the board decided he had to leave but in the end it does not matter. It is time to pass on the stick and to keep moving forwards….

          • Guest

            Or more accurately put down the shovel and try to get out of the hole Ballmer got us in!!!

  • SategB

    The WSJ article reads that the Board saw MSFT, despite current profits, had missed market shifts and told Ballmer to transform the company to address the failures. Ballmer quickly realized he was over his head, didn’t have the management skills to do it and took the hint it was time to leave or get canned. Even his buddy gates couldn’t save him.

    So now the company is in a cluster f@ck but if some how it survives Ballmer wants credit and if not he takes no blame.

    This what happens when you value profits over product over people.