Steve Ballmer to Remain On the Board At Microsoft; Kevin Turner to Remain As COO

While Bill Gates will be stepping down as chairman of the board, Steve Ballmer will remain on the board.  In Ballmer’s short youtube video on Satya Nadella he also mentions Kevin Turner will continue as Chief-Operating Officer.  Often CEO will pick their own executive teams, much like Terry Myerson putting his own people in positions of power.  We’ll see in the coming months if Nadella feels any changes are needed to be made.

In many ways I am sad Ballmer is leaving, no one will ever had the passion and love for Microsoft that he had.

*Just to clarify, Bill Gates will still remain on the board of Microsoft, he will just no longer be chairman of the board.

  • Guest

    This guy just needs to shut up, he got pushed out as CEO because people finally figured out how bad of a manager he was and his jumping around like monkey was no substitute for innovation. So Ballmer just go, take your billions while us fans of MSFT try to forget all your mistakes.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      No, Ballmer was a brilliant visionary who spearheaded innovation, Ballmer made Microsoft more profitable than any other potential C.E.O. could, and it’s awesome news that he’ll remain influential. 😀