Steve Sinofsky has a Surface skateboard


The Surface casing is constructed of Magnesium and is incredibly stiff and strong.

As an added demonstration of this Steve Sinofsky donned a helmet and took his Surface-based skateboard for a spin.

At least we know if the whole tablet thing does not work out Microsoft could always go into Extreme Sports retail…

  • Kane


  • rickyrick

    no kid’n!! Thats something..

  • Another Steve


  • Pookiewood

    Video or it didn’t happen! 😉

  • disqustingtard
    • lol

      you little cocksucker faggot

  • stevejobs

    so thats how the Surface will differentiate vs the iPad!!

  • Beezer

    Looks good, now drop test it with the rivals and you’re good to go.

  • aref Bozorgmehr

    woooooooooow my dear surface i love you and i’m sorry for this test

  • lumia920

    Why big companies’ workers do love to take pictures with potatoes instead of using a camera or a smartphone?
    I don’t remember the last time I saw a picture of this kind or of a leaked product with a resonable focus and size. This people really need a Lumia 920…

  • SuperSport1966

    I’d LOVE to see the iPad comparison. It would quickly be shaped like a V with a lot of glass laying around.

  • Ashkan

    skating is important, but more important is “Will it work after it?!””

  • JReuben1

    I guess this was the day that Sinofsky found out he was shitcanned !